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Introducing VapLock Solvent Collection Systems with DOT Waste Container

DOT container makes for easy transportation

by Cole-Parmer
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Cole-Parmer offers a complete solution to safely collect solvent waste from laboratory instruments.
  • Collect solvent waste from up to 9 effluent streams
  • Minimize exposure to harmful chemical vapors
  • DOT compliance for waste container: UN rating 1H1/Y1.8/100 for hazardous product and are FDA and USDA compliant
Solvent waste systems come complete with everything you need to safely collect solvent waste from any system that generates solvent waste. Closed-system design reduces harmful and flammable solvent vapor emissions into the environment as well as leaks and spills. 

Systems come with a 20-L polyethylene container with 70 mm Rieke 6TPI connection and a manifold with tubing connections for up to 9 waste lines. An easy-carry handle makes it easy to transport. For more information, visit: