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Is Pipetting Technique Getting in the Way of Your Reproducible Results?

When preparing biological samples, you need a lab assistant you can trust, one that is focused on consistency and reproducible results across 10's and 100's of samples.

by Gilson

10 dispenses from three different technicians were measured gravimetrically.Advancing your science and increasing the pace of your experiments is your job! Being tied to the bench for routine pipetting tasks doesn't have to be!

Replace your lab bench time with:

  • Time for scientific analysis and publications
  • Improved experimental accuracy and improved consistency
  • Fewer technical replicates

Numerous technical replicates are often included in the experimental design in order to compensate for user inconsistencies; however, that wastes samples, time and reagents.  PIPETMAX® prepares every assay with proven consistency, delivering high precision and accuracy in routine pipetting tasks.

The versatility of PIPETMAX allows you to run a multitude of differnet applications, providing you with applications versatility, saving you bench space and unnecessary spending.  Many types of labware/devices and various samples are all supported by this lab assistant, and the hardware and software are built to suit your specific methods.

qPCR assays

  • Maximize qPCR sample prep accuracy and reproducibility
  • Eliminate inherent variability
  • Eliminate sources of contamination

Download Potato Virus Y gene expression study: 

Download Parkinson's Disease study: 

NGS library Prep

Automate and standardize your NGS library prep process for:

  • Easy preparation of multiple samples simultaneously
  • Standardization and greater consistency of libraries
  • Improved quantity and quality of libraries

Download the NGS library prep study:  

Reproducibility is key when working biological samples.  PIPETMAX - focused on consistency - can be your ultimate lab assistant so you are free to focus on what is really important to your research - scientific analysis and publications.

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