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January/February 2016 Technology News

The equipment, instruments, and systems introduced to the laboratory market at Pittcon 2016

by Lab Manager
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Intelligent Plasma Assisted Purifier System

BOOTH 4327

  • Includes a plasma to increase the lifetime of the heated gettering alloy
  • Features a genuine end of life monitoring system, unique impurity overload detection, and a capacity of 1L/min
  • Suited for applications like; gas purification, zero gas generator used for calibration of on-line analyzers, mass spectrometers, and all kinds of detectors

Analytical Flow Products

Multi-Mode Plasma Detector

BOOTH 4327

  • New concept is being released based on patent pending design features, resulting in a full open architecture product
  • Allows any user to optimize a specific GC application with the MMPD development system and install it on the target system using only the required hardware and firmware necessary to fulfill the task
  • Based on a plasma generated through a dielectric barrier

Analytical Flow Products

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Handheld Raman Spectrometer

BOOTH 3121

  • Includes patented fluorescence mitigation SSE™ (Sequentially Shifted Excitation) for a wider range of raw material measurements
  • Intuitive user interface and touchscreen provide a guided workflow
  • Features Duo LASER™ excitation with two wavelengths resulting in high sensitivity across the spectral range
  • Also includes automated wavenumber calibration for precise measurements and automated measuring adapter recognition IntelliTip™


LIBS Analyzer


  • Features a matchbox-sized advanced microLIBS laser with a high repetition rate and a compact spectrometer for “real-time spectroscopy”
  • Offers handheld or lightweight portable integration with battery operation under Linux, Android, or Windows OS
  • Patent-pending chemometric/calibration engine for the identification and quantitative analysis of pure materials enables users to utilize the solution’s fullest capabilities
  • Customization options available

B&W Tek

Sample Introduction System for ICP-MS

MVX-7100 μL Workstation
BOOTH 2531

  • Supports sample volumes as low as 5 microliters
  • Designed to help laboratories efficiently perform trace element analysis on their smallest, most precious samples
  • Brings together an autosampler, syringe pumps, temperature control, a six-port valve, and automation software
  • Samples can be drawn from conventional vials, septum vials, or microtiter plates up to 384 wells

Teledyne CETAC Technologies

GC-MS System

BOOTH 1425

  • Allows users to track more than 100 VOCs and monitor molecules listed in PAMS 56, TO14, TO15, etc.
  • Enables identification of compounds and quantification at ppt, ppb, ppm, and % levels for process or ambient air
  • User-friendly instrument automatically monitors all AMCs and allows increased production efficiency
  • Special multiplexing system integrated in the MS allows measurements from two streams


Isolated 532 nm Lasers for Raman Spectroscopy

DPL™ 532 nm

  • SLM DPSSL now available with an integrated optical isolator for the toughest of highly reflective samples
  • Features up to 160 mW after the optical isolator, is SLM, and has rms noise 
  • With totally integrated electronics, the DPL™ 532 nm is easily integrated into high-end Raman-based systems


Ultrafast Gas Chromatograph

BOOTH 1842

  • New gas sampling model is designed for measuring environmental gases including greenhouse, stack gas, process ventilation, tank car headspace, and other low pressure applications
  • Available with FID, DBD, and FPD detectors and its sensitivity range includes sub-ppm TNMHC measurements and SF6 measurements at the ppt level
  • Resistively heated column speeds analysis from 3 to 50 times faster than traditional GCs

Falcon Analytical

Ion Analysis Module

BOOTH 2145

  • Developed to regularly measure the concentration of various ions in liquid fertilizer during a 2017 space mission, but is also suitable for Industry 4.0 applications (i.e. fully-automated monitoring of ionic liquids)
  • Uses a microfluidic chip-based electrophoresis concept
  • Features a lightweight, compact design as well as fully-automated sampling and data acquisition

Fraunhofer ICT-IMM

Trace Gas Analyzer

PTR-TOF 1000ultra
BOOTH 1628

  • Provides up to 10x more sensitivity thanks to the new ION BOOSTER-funnel technology
  • Compared to traditional transfer lens systems, the funnel improves ion transmission, leading to a much higher sensitivity
  • Offers ultra-sensitive volatile organic compound (VOC) analysis in real-time, integrated in an affordable, small, and light PTR-TOFMS instrument


FTIR Spectrometer


  • Designed for in-line process monitoring
  • Features a novel optical design that eliminates the use of remote sampling or use of fiber-optic couplers
  • Boasts a compact, lightweight, portable, and robust design
  • Rugged instrument is immune to vibration
  • Provides a fast measurement time


HPLC Columns

BOOTH 1746, 1747

  • Pressure rated for any 400-bar HPLC system and deliver the peak shape, reproducibility, ruggedness, and performance needed for all the user’s conventional HPLC applications
  • Made from high-purity silica backed by quality manufacturing
  • Available with C18, C8, Phenyl-Hexyl, Cyano, and bare silica phases on either 3 or 5 μm spherical particles


Bio UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

BOOTH 1056

  • Designed for accurate micro-volume measurements
  • Able to measure multiple samples (up to 8 samples) at a single sampling
  • Features a compact, small footprint; accuracy and reproducibility; and user-friendly software
  • Does not require warm-up time and does not cause photo-degradation of the sample
  • Micro-volume sample amount is 1 μl ~ 2.5 μl • Available with a standard cuvette


Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer

BOOTH 1338

  • Features a proprietary multi-function ion source, patented high-speed scan control, and a new ultrafast turbomolecular pump
  • These features, along with comprehensive databases and multiple sample introduction devices, enable excellent performance and custom configurations tailored to fit the needs of laboratories in such areas as environmental, food, and forensics
  • Upgraded GCMSsolution software provides intuitive control of the GCMS-QP2020


HPLC Columns

SiliaChrom Plus
BOOTH 4332

  • Over ten different phases available, offering chromatographers the flexibility of choosing the appropriate selectivity for their analyses
  • Provide excellent peak shape, high surface area, and reduced silanol activity, and will also show excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility
  • Custom dimensions and packing are also offered to accommodate the user’s specific requirements


Ion Mobility Spectrometer

Ion Mobility Spectrometer 2.0
BOOTH 1026

  • Provides real-time monitoring of airborne molecular contamination (AMC) in semiconductor processing, ambient air monitoring, and process gas monitoring for industrial processes and safety applications
  • Designed for continuous monitoring of all contaminants in industrial applications in ultralow ppb ranges • Can analyze airborne chemical contamination at far lower concentrations than traditional analyzers and react in real-time

STEP Analytics USA

Quaternary Liquid Chromatograph

Waters ACQUITY Arc System
BOOTH 3538

  • Gives analytical laboratories running established LC methods another option for replicating or improving their separations performance
  • Specifically engineered to respond to the needs of analytical scientists for a single LC platform that can enable them to efficiently transfer, adjust, or improve their methods regardless of the LC platform on which they were originally developed


Analytical Instruments & Optical Components


  • Zolix manufactures monochromator/ spectrometers, light sources, tunable monochromatic light sources, motorized stages, manual stages, mirror mounts, and related optical components
  • All components are specialized for OEM customers, for example: analytical instruments suppliers, laser suppliers, etc.


Basic Lab

Moisture Content Analyzer

BOOTH 2421

  • Allows users to measure moisture content of nine samples with just four minutes of hands-on work time
  • Users can select drying temperature and dry to a specific time or to constant weight
  • Weight is monitored digitally and automatically during drying, meaning just one interruption of the user’s workflow to measure nine samples
  • Each sample is dried to 1% relative humidity


Safety Storage Cabinets


  • Now approved and certified according to FM standards
  • Offer 90 minutes of fire resistance, suitable for remote locations without quick access to fire-fighting emergency services
  • Also meet European Standards—EN 14470-1 and 14727, and the “GS” mark guarantees robust construction and longevity
  • Feature self-closing wing doors in the event of fire, secure cylinder locking, and ventilation options


Alternative to Karl Fischer Titration

Computrac® Vapor Pro®
BOOTH 2031

  • Delivers accurate, precise moisture-specific measurements as low as 10 parts per million without the use of hazardous chemical reagents, expensive glassware, or special expertise
  • Designed to perform in both manufacturing and lab environments
  • Features a simpler, faster testing process than Karl Fischer titration

Arizona Instrument

Bottletop Dispensers

Dispensette® S
BOOTH 1859

  • Bring safety and convenience to dispensing of virtually any laboratory liquid
  • Feature elimination of seals, improved safety valves, faster priming, easier volume selection, and even lower operation forces
  • A large variety of bottle adapters and accessories adapt the Dispensette® S to nearly any unpressurized application
  • Models available for general purpose dispensing, organics and concentrated acids, and trace analysis

BrandTech Scientific

Vacuum Gauges

BOOTH 1859

  • Feature corrosion resistant transducers for use in laboratory applications
  • VACUU•VIEW model has a capacitive transducer for absolute pressure readings from atmosphere to 0.1 mbar/hPa (0.075 Torr) with user-selectable units
  • VACUU•VIEW extended switches automatically between capacitive and a ceramic sheathed Pirani transducer for readings to 10-3 Torr/mbar/hPa

BrandTech Scientific

Viscometers and Rheometers

BOOTH 2231

  • Include a unique line of touchscreen instrumentation that research labs, QC, and production environments count on for dependability and accuracy
  • The CT3 Texture Analyzer is well-suited for tension and compression testing
  • The Powder Flow Tester delivers quick and easy analysis of powder flow behavior in industrial processing equipment

Brookfield Engineering

Nano Particle Size Analyzer

Nano DS
BOOTH 2729

  • Designed to address even the most challenging nano particle size research
  • Allows the researcher to select different measurement angles depending on the sample
  • Automatically scans and identifies the optimal measurement angle to help identify particles that might otherwise go undetected
  • Combines static and dynamic light scattering measurements in one single optical system

Cilas Particle Size

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Device

BOOTH 3824

  • Wi-Fi- and Ethernet-based
  • Provides users with reliable cloud-based access to their vital environmental data via web interfaces that can be accessed by any Internet-connected device at anytime from anywhere
  • Replaceable sensors make calibration simple by saving users time and money by making the process as easy as swapping batteries


Automatic Fire Detection & Suppression Systems

BOOTH 3229

  • Designed for chemical fume hoods and storage cabinets
  • React more than ten times faster than competing systems because they are designed to detect a fire inside the fume hood or cabinet—right where it starts
  • Can meet the requirements of new 2015 NFPA 45 fire code for laboratory fume hoods to ensure the user’s laboratory is compliant with current code

Firetrace International

Dust Monitoring System


  • Uses laser back scatter measurement with imported core components
  • Especially suited for continuous monitoring of various source emissions of particulate matter concentrations
  • Can be equipped with CEMS, used alone, or with several units together to form a dust monitoring network with a shared data acquisition and processing unit

Hangzhou Zetian Technology

Flue Gas Analyzer


  • Based on DOAS and chemometric algorithms (PLS), able to measure SO2, NO, NO2, O2, NH3, CO, CO2, Cl2, O3, H2S, HCl, CH3I, etc.
  • Features high accuracy and reliability, low operating costs, fast response time, and wide measurement range
  • Using return light path and a high quality spectrograph, the minimum measuring range is 0-20ppm—lowest detection limit is 200ppb

Hangzhou Zetian Technology

Laser Gas Analyzer


  • A flameproof in situ probe-type tunable laser gas analyzer for industrial online analysis and environmental on-line monitoring
  • Analyzes O2, CO, NH3, CO2, CH4, H2O, HCl, HF, and other gases of various complex conditions
  • Features a modular design, field replaceable laser module, and easy maintenance
  • LGT-180 model also available

Hangzhou Zetian Technology

Micro Annular Gear Pumps

BOOTH 2727

  • Feature low pulse delivery, minimal dead volume, long service life, small dimensions, powerful materials, and ease of maintenance
  • Five series of micro annular gear pumps guarantee a flow rate from 1 μl/h to 1152 ml/min and enable high pressure up to 80 bar
  • HNP Mikrosysteme also offers the development of OEM pumps, comprehensive application-specific consulting, and technical support

HNP Mikrosysteme

Scanning Electron Microscope

BOOTH 2857

  • Features expanded EDS analysis capabilities and ports for multiple detectors
  • Can be configured to meet individual lab requirements at an exceptional value
  • Offers high resolution imaging and a range of acceleration voltages at both high and low vacuum modes
  • Allows users to quickly and easily obtain high quality images using both secondary electron and backscatter imaging


Sensor System for HPLC Reservoir Levels

BOOTH 3057

  • Measures the levels of solvents used in unattended liquid chromatographic separations in real time
  • Employs a sound wave transmitter positioned in the reservoir’s cap to accurately measure the level of the solvent in the 1-liter reservoir
  • Safeguards the loss of valuable samples and analysis time while preventing the waste container from overflowing and creating a hazardous spill in the lab

JM Science

Reaction Solutions

BOOTH 3549

  • Reaction solutions use heavy-duty glassware, stainless steel, or pressure reactors
  • Newly-added stirrers, vacuum pumps, hot plates, and more aim to help users save time and energy to optimize their reaction systems
  • New CORIO™ laboratory circulators also available


Laboratory Equipment Rental Marketplace
BOOTH 1225

  • The world’s first laboratory equipment rental marketplace for lab professionals to locate and rent specialized equipment for laboratory applications
  • Facilitates a highly efficient equipment rental process by enabling businesses and organizations that need to rent laboratory equipment to easily connect with a global network of suppliers that rent their equipment through the site
  • KWIPPED’s platform facilitates and automates the entire rental process


Freeze Dryers

BOOTH 1638 & 1639

  • Newly redesigned
  • Now incorporate a touchscreen display that allows users to monitor parameters with real-time graphs and access stored data
  • Feature the Run-Smart™ operating system with large 5”, full color touchscreen display
  • Include automatic start up and capacity for 30 stored programs
  • Offer an Ethernet connection to receive email status updates, such as vacuum level and temperature alerts


Microtube Shaking Incubator

BOOTH 1623

  • This temperature controlled vortexer uses Peltier technology to rapidly heat and cool precious samples
  • Features a temperature setting range of 0-105°C
  • Provides a mixing speed range of 300-1,500 rpm’s
  • Offers a heating time of 6.5°C/minute and cooling time of 1.5°C/minute

Labnet International

Online Real-Time COD Analyzer

BOOTH 2519

  • Eliminates the use of dichromate
  • Especially suited to industrial and municipal applications
  • Features 4-20 mA output
  • Provides online COD and BOD monitoring


Fume Hood

BOOTH 4150

  • Large glass panels bring in natural light and views while giving supervisors the ability to see that students or employees are working safely
  • UL 1805 listed, tested to ASHRAE 110 standards, provides containment at face velocities as low as 60 fpm, and is designed for multiple applications
  • Available in single and double-faced configurations and available for CAV or VAV situations

Mott Manufacturing

Stainless Steel Fume Extractor

BOOTH 1330

  • Specifically developed for the extraction of airborne pollutants at high temperatures such as those generated from atomic absorption apparatus
  • Newly designed rectangular 10” by 19” hood profile also allows for exhaust capture from dual oven ports in close proximity
  • Recently upgraded 5” diameter, 5’ length of high temperature flex hose is included to facilitate safe connection to existing exhaust channels


Laboratory Furnaces

BOOTH 4365

  • Almost all new models are now delivered with Nabertherm’s new controllers and a new linen structure design
  • Controllers provide for intuitive operation, plain text display, language switching, USB-process documentation, and many other useful functions
  • All standard laboratory furnaces with the controllers B 400 - P 470 can be read out via an integrated USB-process documentation


Dual Channel Data Loggers

BOOTH 3348

  • Offer two remote flexible probes that can measure up to 350°C (662°F) with an accuracy of ±0.1°C (±0.18°F)
  • Available in a combination of flexible PFA insulation and bendable stainless steel
  • Dual probes allow for simultaneous monitoring and can be used for oven mapping, surface temperature monitoring, autoclave validation, and sterilization processes


Isolated Wireless Potentiostat

BOOTH 1220

  • Can be used for a wide range of amperometric systems, including lab-on-chip and sensors
  • Isolated design makes it especially suited for in-channel and end-channel detection in capillary electrophoresis systems
  • Features sample rate of 6.75 Hz, bias range of 40 nA (standard) or 80 uA (extended range), battery life of ~100 hrs (continuous use), and more

Pinnacle Technology

Twin Head Blowdown Evaporator

MiniVap™ Gemini
BOOTH 3831 & 3931

  • Designed to remove the solvent from two microplates simultaneously
  • Uses an efficient evaporator head technology and an innovative manifold design
  • Enables researchers to remove the traditional laboratory bottleneck of solvent evaporation from microplates prior to analysis or reconstitution in buffer
  • Able to accommodate any ANSI / SLAS footprint 96-well microplate up to 60mm high

Porvair Sciences

Specialty Gases


  • Available exclusively through select, independent, local, privately-owned companies
  • Working directly with an independent producer means that users get more service, technical expertise, and responsiveness in time-critical applications
  • Over 150 local distributors and over 600 locations across North America available
  • Include a complete line of pure, rare, calibration, emission, food and beverage, and medical and medical device gases


Gas Sorption Analyzer

BOOTH 2732

  • Full automation, including built-in sample preparation capabilities, enhance analytical simplicity and operator convenience
  • One, two, three, or four station units with individual Po cells and dedicated Po transducers (on LX models) for utmost accuracy are available
  • Built-in microprocessor and Ethernet port enable substantial bench-space savings and optional remote communications

Quantachrome Instruments

Stainless Steel Test Weights

Essential Weights™
BOOTH 3444

  • Customized sets of three or four stainless steel test weights specifically tailored to the user’s laboratory precision weighing equipment
  • Especially suited for specific calibrations, shift tests, and sensitivity tests
  • Designed with convenience in mind without sacrificing accuracy or quality
  • These polished stainless steel Type II design ASTM Class 1 weights include a small, durable carrying case

Rice Lake Weighing Systems

Micro Synthesis Set

BOOTH 4332

  • A complete platform for six to 48 parallel reactions (40 to 4 mL)
  • Includes its own orbital shaker and heating (up to 120°C) / cooling (down to -20°C) / inerting capabilities
  • Especially suited for route scouting peptide synthesis and scavenging studies
  • Allows users to screen reaction conditions, optimize their synthesis, and remove excess reagents, side-products, and catalysts


Wall Shelving System


  • Can easily be modified according to need and is reusable, since it can be dismantled and reinstalled in a new location with minimal effort
  • Can be mounted on the wall either directly or using a horizontal rail
  • Consists of horizontal rails and upright profiles, with a wide range of shelf sizes and accessories available

Sovella USA

Closed-Loop Motorized XY Scanning Stages

ASR-E Series
BOOTH 3226

  • Designed as replacements for manual stages on upright and inverted microscopes or for stand-alone operation
  • Extremely low profile and small footprint of ASR-E stages allow them to be incorporated into many different types of scanning systems and easily mounted to most common microscope platforms
  • Stage movement is handled by crossed roller bearings and hardened stainless steel rails


Motorized Micromanipulator

M-LSM Series
BOOTH 3226

  • These versatile standalone units are able to be controlled by computer or joystick
  • Many configurations are available, as the M-LSM Series can be mounted on metric or optical breadboards, and the orientation can be switched from right to left
  • Able to move along three axes, while the programmable or joystick-activated fourth virtual axis allows an approach along the probe angle


Miniature Motorized Linear Stages

X-LSM-E Series
BOOTH 3226

  • Especially suited for applications where a small profile and high resolution is required as they are only 21 mm high
  • Design allows speeds up to 104 mm/s and loads up to 10 kg
  • Built-in motor encoder allows closed-loop operation and provides slip/stall recovery features
  • Optional indexed knob provides convenient manual control for versatile operation even without a computer


Motorized Rotation Stages

X-RSB-E Series
BOOTH 3226

  • Feature a compact footprint, low profile, and load capability up to 20 kg
  • With a maximum speed of 300 rpm, these stages are ideal for the rapid positioning of light loads to within a fraction of a degree
  • A built-in motor encoder allows for closed-loop operation and slip/stall recovery features


Chemicals, Kits, & Reagents

Pharmaceutical Reference Materials

Esters of NSAID
BOOTH 2219

  • LGC has added over 150 new esters of NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) to its portfolio of pharmaceutical reference materials
  • Help in accurate identification and quantification during the user’s stability testing projects and QC release testing of NSAID-based finished dosage forms
  • Primary standards, impurity standards, and monograph standards from the world’s pharmacopoeias also available

LGC Standards

Standard Reference Materials

BOOTH 4338, 4339

  • Support accurate and compatible measurements by certifying and providing more than 1,200 standard reference materials with well-characterized composition or properties, or both
  • Used to perform instrument calibrations as part of overall quality assurance programs, verify the accuracy of specific measurements, and support the development of new measurement methods
  • Standard Reference Data Group provides well-documented numeric data to scientists and engineers


ChIP-seq Kit

Chromatrap® version 1.2
BOOTH 3831 & 3931

  • High quality chromatin can now be achieved via sonication or enzymatic digestion and high and low abundant enrichment is possible from small chromatin samples
  • Now features improved antibody binding, greater chromatin loading flexibility, and the ability to use increased slurry volumes for difficult samples
  • Specifically adapted for broader chromatin concentrations

Porvair Sciences

Certified Reference Materials for Cannabis

BOOTH 2538 & 2539

  • Include a range of CRMs for all of the common contaminants found in medical and recreational cannabis, including pesticide residues, residual solvents, terpenes, among others
  • Standard mixes allow the analyst to identify and quantitate a wide range of compounds found in cannabis flowers, concentrates, edibles, and tinctures
  • Backed by ISO Guide 34, ISO 17025, and ISO 9001 certifications and accreditations

SPEX CertiPrep

N-Glycan Analysis Kit

GlycoWorks RapiFluor-MS
BOOTH 3538

  • Now comes in a 24-sample format to complement the 96-sample format version
  • New format processes 24 samples—eight at a time—and opens the door further to laboratories that want to begin realizing the benefits that RapiFluor-MS brings to glycan analysis
  • Labeling reagent yields enhanced MS sensitivity that is 100 to 1,000-fold greater than current approaches




BOOTH 4160

  • Developed exclusively for petroleum laboratories, refineries, and terminals
  • Built on a highly stable, secure, and flexible application and database platform that quickly and seamlessly adapts to the unique needs of user’s labs
  • Can be operated from most browser-based Internet devices including smartphones and tablet computers
  • Complete lab data center management service also offered

Camin Cargo Control

Scientific Graphing & Data Analysis Software

BOOTH 1946

  • Allows users to accomplish tasks—including data import and exploration, graphing, analysis, and generating reports—in one application using a point-and-click graphical user interface
  • Provides over 100 built-in graph types including 2D, 3D, contour, heat map, polar, statistical, multi-axis, and multi-panel graphs
  • Users can automatically update graphs and analysis results by simply importing new data


Scientific Information System

BOOTH 3538

  • Merges LC and high performance MS data (both quadrupole and time-of-flight) into a single solution that encompasses data acquisition, processing, visualization, reporting, and configurable compliance tools within a networked laboratory environment
  • New features include support of the VION IMS QTof MS System, native APGC control, time-of-flight (Tof) MRM support, support of collision cross section (CCS) data, and Tof quantitative and qualitative workflows


Lab Automation


BOOTH 2531

  • Builds upon the reliability of the ASX-520
  • Injection molded parts and advanced materials provide better chemical compatibility and keep metal parts away from samples
  • Improved pump technology is quieter, easier to maintain, and provides a greater range of flow rates
  • Higher resolution positioning allows for 96 well plates • Customizable for a wide range of automation applications

Teledyne CETAC Technologies

Sulfur/Carbon Analysis Solution

832 Series
BOOTH 2557

  • Provides a versatile solution for any high-throughput lab needing simplified, reliable sulfur and carbon determination in organic samples
  • An optional autoloader package provides seamless automation for up to 100 samples for improved walk-away time and minimal maintenance
  • Features a high-efficiency combustion furnace, improved IR cell design, and a robust, rugged design


Interoperability Platforms for Sensors & Automation


  • Hardware IO interfaces and ScriptML transport language allow multiple types of instrumentation to seamlessly interact as a single system regardless of device vendor, make, or data protocol
  • OpenIOLabs system consists of a main controller and IO interfaces (IOI) connected to the user’s own instruments
  • Provides connectivity for simple sensors and instruments to sophisticated scanning probe microscopes


Life Science

Cooling Blocks

BOOTH 1362

  • Protect the integrity of valuable cryogenic samples at a lower cost than comparable products on the market
  • Adjust from laboratory ambient temperatures to the desired target temperature within a matter of minutes, allowing users to safely transfer samples directly into the cooling blocks with no risk of warming
  • Hold 1.5/2.0mL MCT’s and cryogenic vials, 0.5mL tubes, and 96- and 384-well plates

Argos Technologies

Cell Density Sensors

Incyte & Dencytee
BOOTH 3419

  • Incyte is a capacitance sensor for viable cell density monitoring in bioprocessing
  • Dencytee is an optical sensor for total cell density measurement
  • These sensors deliver real-time insight into cellular health during a process—data that can be used to optimize product yield and quality
  • Can be used independently or together with Hamilton’s online pH and dissolved oxygen sensors

Hamilton Company

Lab Suction and Filtration System

Lafil 100
BOOTH 1019

  • Provides an innovative suction system for disposal of media from cell cultures and washing solutions from microplates and supernatants after centrifugation
  • Portable size allows system to be used in a laminar flow
  • Filtration function assists users in doing easy purification of buffers and tissue culture media
  • Design can accommodate 50ml and 15ml centrifuge tubes and funnels for small volume filtration

Rocker Scientific

Growth Chambers

BOOTH 1124

  • Include greenhouse, reach-in, and walk in models
  • Ensure the desired programmed values for temperature, humidity, lights, CO2, or any other gas, are accurate to maintain a stable experiment environment
  • Stability chambers and water baths also available


Supplies and Consumables

Sample Storage and Retrieval Vials

BOOTH 1631

  • Designed for scientists who require reliable storage, retrieval, analysis, and delivery of valuable liquid or powder samples
  • Engineered for consistent high performance in laboratory automation equipment, these vials will help minimize expensive downtime
  • Feature smooth, conical interior surfaces, with less than 10uL of dead space
  • Smooth exterior bottoms are especially suited for barcoding

Kimble Chase


30AC Series

  • The first small all-plastic series couplings
  • Offers the same 1/8” flow size as the 20 Series but is more reliable with less moving parts due to its advanced design with no external springs
  • Cost efficient all plastic thumb-latch design makes an audible click when coupled to ensure a secure connection

LinkTech Couplings


60PP-Black Series

  • Offer 3/8” flow size and are produced from medical grade, gamma-sterilizable, UV-resistant polypropylene
  • Solid “Black-out” color allows the ability to color key applications, as well as makes these couplings more resistant to UV radiation due to its already advanced raw material capabilities
  • Available in both valved and non-valved configurations

LinkTech Couplings

Laboratory Glassware, Plasticware, & Instrumentation

BOOTH 1132

  • MEDILAB is a consortium of manufacturers of laboratory glassware, educational labware, general labware, scientific instruments, plastic labware, microscopes, and anatomical models
  • Consortium specializes in scientific glass blowing and offers a wide range of interchangeable glassware, volumetric glassware, condensers, assemblies, PTFE stopcocks, joints, stoppers, sintered glassware, flasks, etc.
  • Custom options available


Precision Ceramic Components

BOOTH 4425

  • Used in the harsh environments where other materials like plastics and metals are not usable
  • Offer electrical insulation against high voltages and currents, thermal dissipation or insulation, wear and corrosion resistance, and are also compatible with ultra-high vacuum
  • Available grades include alumina, zirconia, aluminium nitride, silicon nitride, silicon carbide, quartz, glass, and Macor


IVD Products

BOOTH 3524

  • Minitubes draws its own tubing and is therefore able to provide the customer with smooth ID, low variation in ID, and OD dimensions in almost any metal material
  • Allows improved precision in sampling for seamless capillary tubing, needles, and other tubing used in LC/GC and UHPLC
  • Minitubes has also developed new equipment for cleaning and testing of tubing


Nano-Capillary Tubing

BOOTH 2333

  • Used in a wide range of analytical applications, encompassing GC, CE, capillary LC, and CEC
  • Polymicro now offers five standard nano-capillary size ranges (200 – 1000nm ± 100nm)
  • 25 standard products with internal diameters (ID) of less than 50 μm are also available, with six of those having ID tolerances of ± 1 μm

Polymicro Technologies

FKM White Tubing

BOOTH 1818

  • Manufactured from one of the latest specialty types of fluoroelastomer with advanced polymer architecture
  • Provides excellent chemical resistance to acids, alcohols, fuel, aliphatic, aromatic hydrocarbons, and commercial cleaning fluids
  • Compared to traditional Viton® tubing, this flexible tubing provides an extended pump life of 300-750 hr at 0 psi, reducing downtime due to pump failure


FEP Bags

BOOTH 1818

  • Offered for research and industrial applications in six sizes, 25 to 1,000 ml
  • Have exceptional properties including inertness, purity, and chemical and temperature resistance (-200°C to +200°C)
  • FEP material is USP Class VI certified with excellent biocompatibility, animal derived component free (ADCF), and very low extractables
  • Offer the ability to close the system through non-DEHP, ADCF Tygon® tubing


Micro Valves for LC and GC

BOOTH 2019

  • Feature a unique design of the fitting that allows a leak-free seal with no potential for rotor damage from overtightening
  • The ¼-28 fitting details permit use of 1/16” or 1/8” OD tubing
  • Specifications are 200 psi and flowpath is .060” (1.5mm)
  • These panel-mount, manually operated valves have three configurations with seven different flowpaths


Sample Extraction Products

BOOTH 3538

  • This next-generation solid phase extraction (SPE) family of products provides cleaner samples in less time and with less effort for LC and LC-MS analyses
  • Cartridges and multiwell plates simplify and speed up extraction protocols to ensure consistent, reproducible LC and LC-MS results
  • Allow labs to process samples up to 40% faster