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June 2016 Technology News

The latest equipment, instruments, and system introductions to the laboratory market.

by Lab Manager
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ICP-OES Instruments

PlasmaQuant® PQ 9000 Series

  • Both PlasmaQuant® PQ 9000 and PlasmaQuant® PQ 9000 Elite models now available
  • Customized to the analytical demands of applications ranging from agricultural, food, and environmental routine analytics to advanced material analysis / research of saline, metallic, and petrochemical materials
  • Plasma and torch technology offers a robust plasma performance even for extreme loadings and matrices

Analytik Jena

HPLC System


  • Equipped with bio-inert ceramic heads, this system is tailored to meet the demands of analytical applications covering a wide range of biomolecules
  • Highly sensitive and fast multiwavelength detector enables detection of component peaks even in very fast gradients
  • Features a temperature-controlled autosampler for maximal working efficiency
  • Includes safety features such as leak management sensors

BIA Separations


  • UV-visible-NIR polarization spectroscopy capabilities now available to CRAIC microspectrophotometers
  • Offered as a package that allows the user to measure polarization spectra in either transmission or reflectance modes
  • Allows users to measure the polarization spectra of samples across the UV, visible, and NIR spectral range
  • Polarization package consists of optics and hardware designed to be added to CRAIC microspectrophotometers


Spectrophotometer / Fluorometer System

DS-11 FX+

  • Combines patent pending absorbance and fluorescence technologies to deliver a flexible and complete system for nucleic acid and protein quantification
  • DeNovix SmartPath® Technology enables rapid and accurate 1μL UV-Vis quantification over an industry-leading dynamic range
  • The addition of fluorescence also enables researchers to measure picogram concentrations of sample with increased specificity in one compact instrument


Raman Benchtop Spectrometer


  • Brings simplicity to Raman measurements without compromising the ability to handle complex samples
  • Compact and robust design, including Class 1 laser safety, means it is safe for use in most environments, from undergraduate teaching labs to industrial QC applications
  • Includes a standard interlocked sample compartment and holders for cuvette-based liquid measurements, along with a solid sample holder

HORIBA Scientific

Size Exclusion Chromatography Option


  • Offers excellent flexibility in advanced SEC/ GPC analysis
  • The first truly modular multi-detector SEC system available allowing flexible access to a wide range of applications
  • The economical, flexible, and scalable SC2000 is an excellent option for the Postnova FFF characterization platform
  • The 2000-Series characterization platform offers both FFF and SEC capabilities

Postnova Analytics

Benchtop Probe

  • Works with all Spectral Evolution spectrometers and spectroradiometers to provide an accurate measurement tool collecting hands-free spectra for soil analysis and vegetation studies
  • Includes a sample holder and compactor to ensure a stable platform for scanning and data collection that also minimizes stray light
  • Easy to use with powdered or ground chips, loose soil samples, crushed leaves or grain, and other types of powdered samples

Spectral Evolution

OES Metal Analyzer


  • Improved to deliver greater consumables savings and faster measurement time in the performance of accurate elemental analysis
  • Provides greater analytical performance, productivity, and savings
  • Uses lower volumes of argon without sacrificing analytical performance
  • Redesigned technology realizes a 15% to 20% reduction in measurement time
  • Shorter measurement times and a proven argon-saver “sleep” mode cut gas consumption and deliver cost savings

SPECTRO Analytical Instruments

Chemometrics Package


  • Integrates with the Thermo Scientific TruScan RM handheld analyzer
  • Allows users to build customized models for both qualitative and quantitative sample predictions
  • Enables faster, more informed decisions at the point of need, leading to faster process times
  • Leverages Eigenvector Research Inc.’s SOLO standalone chemometrics software

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Basic Lab

Analytical Ultracentrifuge

Optima AUC

  • Fast, sophisticated, and easy-to use analytical research tool
  • Includes a 38.1 cm (15 inch diagonal), touchscreen display that eases operation and boosts efficiency
  • Modern, intuitive software enables simple run-monitoring and data exports performed either locally or remotely
  • The optics are contained outside the rotor chamber, making it easier to clean, and reducing the impact of the g-force on the optics

Beckman Coulter

Fluid Loss Cell

Model 4300

  • Measures the fluid loss properties of muds and cement slurries in accordance with API procedures
  • Designed using threaded end caps that eliminate the dangers associated with set screw style cells and pop off valves within the hardware design to prevent over pressure scenarios
  • Incorporates never before used over-temperature circuitry as well as a micro-processor-based temperature controller that eliminates obsolete rheostat temperature adjustments

Chandler Engineering

Multi-Point Monitor

575 Series

  • Capable of reporting / recording the status of up to 16 individual points of observation in complex gas delivery systems
  • Provides a complete solution for designing, installing, and operating integrated, reliable, and complex systems
  • Suited for fully configurable automatic switchovers and fail-safe gas delivery devices in laboratory, medical, and industrial gas applications


Back Pressure Regulators


  • Feature a blockage resistant design geared toward supercritical CO2 extraction as well as other processes in which clogging, blocking, or freezing are potential problems
  • Design allows the BR to precisely regulate back pressure during processes involving gas expansion
  • Back pressure control valve is available in pressure ranges up to 5000 psi in standard trim as well as pressure ranges up to 10,000 psi in high pressure trim


Communication Package for Process Sensors


  • Enables reliable, economical Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity in all environments
  • Bluetooth capability allows users to view or control Hamilton Arc sensors from a wide range of devices, including smartphones and tablets
  • ArcAir apps are available online for both Android and iOS platforms in three versions: ArcAir Lite (free), ArcAir Basic, and ArcAir Advanced

Hamilton Company

Vented Hood Tabletop Workstation

Model 24000

  • Constructed of chemical-resistant, lightweight advanced composites, it can be easily moved as procedures or workflow change • Features dimensions of 24” wide X 15” deep X 24” high
  • Molded chemical-resistant work surface is recessed to contain spillage, and a three-inch diameter outlet collar is provided for duct connection
  • Unit’s base consists of an integral recessed work surface to contain spillage


Manual Pipettes


  • Features three adjustable dials for setting each individual volume digit, rather than the single rotating plunger traditional pipettes use for volume-setting
  • Available in single-, eight-, and 12-channel formats, covering a volume range of 0.2 – 5,000 μl
  • Ultra-lightweight, well-balanced design enhances productivity and comfort even during prolonged pipetting sessions
  • Optimized for use with INTEGRA's wide range of GripTips pipette tips


Sterile Elasticized Hood

Kimtech Pure A5

  • Helps prevent gaps in respirator coverage by offering an uninterrupted seal and customized fit for anyone wearing a full-face respirator
  • Works with many respirator styles and brands and is ideal for small faces
  • Features stretch fit elastic hood and opening, as well as tunneled overseams to prevent particle shedding
  • Includes Clean-Don technology ties for easy donning and a more secure fit

Kimberly-Clark Professional

Temperature Control System

Full Range

  • Newly redesigned
  • Combines a circulating water system and an Iceman chiller to provide heating and chilling from a single compact, self-supporting unit
  • Available in standard heating capacities up to 96 kW, pumping capacities up to 120 GPM, chilling capacity up to 40 tons and temperature range of -20°F to 300°F (-29°C to 149°C)


Glow Discharge System


  • Used for the hydrophilization (wetting) of TEM support films and grids and for surface modifications, for example, polymer bonding
  • Available in two formats—the GloQube-D, which features two independent vacuum chambers (a clean chamber and a vapor chamber) and the GloQube-S, which has a single clean chamber
  • Compact and easy to use


Electronic Maintenance Indicators for Gas Filters

  • Warns users when planned maintenance for a gas filter is due
  • Users simply attach it to the consumable that they would like to monitor and the device will progressively display real-time filter status
  • Allow analysts to follow a controlled replacement schedule instead of responding to “last minute” color changes from traditional indicators


Vibratory Sieve Shakers

AS 200 & AS 300

  • Feature a fresh, modern design
  • Offer memory for up to 99 sieving programs
  • Provide low noise operation thanks to optimized control
  • Include USB connection for use of EasySieve software
  • AS 200 basic model is now equipped with digital control and digital display of time and performance


Temperature Control for Stirring Bead Bath


  • Bath can maintain samples from 0°C to 50°C using thermoelectric (Peltier) technology
  • Pulse width modulating (PWM) temperature controller allows the stirring bead bath to cool to a specific temperature and hold the temperature 24/7
  • Long term, consistent, and stable temperature control is achieved while maintaining sample mix


Bioprocessing Centrifuge

Sorvall BIOS 16

  • Offers an increased capacity of up to 16 L of cell culture product per run and unique design features to make working with large volumes easier and more convenient
  • Auto-Door function allows users to open and close the centrifuge door automatically, using the simple push-button operation
  • Eco-Spin technology allows energy savings of up to 64 percent using windshielded rotors

Thermo Fisher Scientific


Software for Metabolic Flux Analysis

MassHunter VistaFlux

  • Helps researchers analyze qualitative metabolic flux—tracking the different pathways a metabolite participates in under different biological experiments
  • Speeds up clinical research data analysis so scientists can quickly understand the underlying cause of diseases, such as cancer
  • Allows researchers to more easily analyze data from targeted metabolic flux experiments when using Agilent time-of-fl ight and quadrupole time-of-fl ight liquid chromatography mass spectrometry systems


Data Analysis Software

Gen5™ 3.0

  • Designed for BioTek’s imaging and microplate detection instruments
  • Brings significant advancements to fixed and live cell applications
  • Offers automated image capture and analysis, real-time annotation tools, and built-in time-lapse video production, providing a single platform for a wide range of cell-based workflows
  • Image analysis capabilities are available in two editions


NMR Software

AssureNMR™ 2.1

  • Now available with Complete Reduction to Amplitude Frequency Table (CRAFT) and tools for biologics analysis
  • Reveals small structural and compositional changes in complex materials such as biofluids, culture media, and biologics, important for product quality control
  • CRAFT delivers matching and quantification of key metabolites, based on targeted fingerprinting


Lab Automation

Controlled Laboratory Reactor Systems


  • Enable precise control of reaction variables, simple manipulation of vessels and connected apparatus, and safe working conditions
  • Asynt has announced a new agreement with METTLER TOLEDO to integrate their RX-10 automation system with ReactoMate CLR systems
  • The METTLER TOLEDO RX-10 automation system provides an interface connecting any type and volume of ReactoMate CLR to circulating thermostats, stirrer motors, and sensors


Autosampler for PTR-MS

  • Enables automated screening of hundreds of sample vials
  • This fully integrated, high throughput system for VOC head-space analysis reduces processing cost for larger batches of samples and provides consistent high data quality
  • Can be loaded with multiple sample trays carrying up to 270 vials (20ml) simultaneously, for liquid, solid, or gas samples


Screw Cap Recapper

Univo SR096

  • Offers users the ability to cap, decap, or recap 96 tubes with screw caps in a single action
  • Decaps screw caps from a full 96-tube storage rack in less than 30 seconds
  • Easy to install and operate
  • he graphical touchscreen interface allows the operator to select any rack to cap, decap, or recap without using different adapters for different tube sizes


Life Science

Plate Reader


  • New software version 4.0 now available, which automates the imaging, interpretation, and data mapping of the 3M™ Petrifilm™ rapid aerobic count plate
  • Peripheral device serves as an automated alternative to the more time-consuming task of manually counting and documenting colonies of bacteria on 3M™ Petrifilm™ Plates indicator test
  • Automates logging of 128 symbology bar code labels

3M Food Safety

ddPCR Multiplex Mutation Screening Kits

  • Portfolio now includes five new kits for detecting several key actionable cancer mutations and the wild-type allele in a single reaction
  • Bio-Rad’s ddPCR Multiplex Mutation Screening portfolio now comprises KRAS Q61, NRAS G12, NRAS G12/ G13, NRAS Q61, and BRAF V600 screening kits in addition to the commercially available KRAS G12/ G13 screening kit
  • Compatible with all of Bio-Rad’s ddPCR systems


Non-Human FISH Probes Cytocell Chromoprobe


  • For pig, chicken, and mouse
  • Detecting a wide range of chromosomal aberrations in these species is now achieved with specific, clear, high-intensity signals and minimal background, delivering quality, reproducible results
  • Developed using OGT’s rapid probe development capability and proprietary Chromoprobe® technology which simplifies the FISH procedure and makes it safer and quicker to use

Oxford Gene Technology

Genomics Sample Preparation Plate

  • Designed with thickened walls and strengthened ribs underneath to stop cracking or leaking when used in Geno/Grinder or TissueLyser machines
  • A robust 96-well 2ml deep well plate
  • Proven to withstand demanding applications using steel ball bearings in the wells shaken at up to 1500 rpm used to homogenize seeds, leaves, or tissue ready for DNA extraction

Porvair Sciences

Protein Sequencers


  • Employ Shimadzu’s SPD-M30A photodiode array detector for higher sensitivity
  • Separate PTH-amino acids isocratically
  • Isocratic sequence analysis provides more stable retention times, meaning peaks detected in previous cycles can be cancelled using chromatogram subtraction, making it easier for users to identify the correct amino acid
  • Software enables compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines


GMP Grade Enzymes

Celase® GMP

  • This avian and mammalian tissue-free collagenase and neutral protease enzyme blend is produced under GMP guidelines
  • Suited to cell isolation studies for laboratories looking to facilitate a smooth transition from bench and animal research to downstream clinical applications
  • Cost-effective solution is suited for a wide range of adipose stem cell, biomedical, and bioprocessing applications

Worthington Biochemical


Custom Cell and Tissue Sourcing Service

  • This primary human cell and tissue sourcing service is for difficult-to-find samples such as rare disease indications or samples with specific inclusion / exclusion criteria
  • Aims to provide cells and tissues that meet specific research requirements to enable the development of highly relevant cellular models that better reflect the biology of the tissue or disease
  • Includes a broad range of human primary cell and tissue types

Axol Bioscience

Supported Maintenance

[Peak Protected]

  • Gives users with internal maintenance teams with the proper know-how the option to utilize this resource to service their laboratory gas generation systems for models which do not contain an internal air compressor
  • Provides cost-effectiveness, a 10% discount on any additional parts without the service kit, and a hassle-free scheduling service operated by Peak
  • New Elite Kit maintenance kit also available

Peak Scientific

Digital Cylinder Management Service


  • Internet-based system aims to significantly increase productivity, improve traceability and safety, and deliver cost savings for gas cylinder users
  • Each Linde cylinder, uniquely identified electronically, holds specific data on its contents and whereabouts
  • Service enables live information on gas cylinder stock levels, movement history, and usage patterns to be accessed via Linde‘s mobile app for smartphones and tablets or via a regular web browser

Linde Gases