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Keep Your Samples Safe Along the Path to New Discoveries

A robust sample management system preserves sample and data integrity and enhances traceability

Keep Your Samples Safe Along the Path to New Discoveries

From sample creation to data analysis, and everything in between, the Eppendorf suite of solutions creates a comprehensive sample management system to ensure sample and data integrity.

by Eppendorf
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After countless hours spent carefully obtaining and preparing samples and specimens, proper storage is critical to maintain the properties and characteristics necessary for analysis. Samples are some of the most valuable assets in a laboratory, however many laboratories rely on inadequate sample management systems, leading to inefficiencies associated with misplaced samples, and potential damage and loss of sample integrity associated with poor storage conditions. Implementing a robust sample management system ensures samples are accurately labeled and documented, easily accessible, and maintained at a constant temperature, thereby improving experimental outcomes and traceability. Unique Eppendorf solutions are easily integrated to create a powerful sample management system designed to preserve sample integrity from start to finish. 

Coded for Success

Peeling, faded, and otherwise unreadable sample labels impede workflows, risk data integrity, and are simply frustrating when encountered. Further, creating and maintaining an accurate sample inventory with paper or spreadsheet methods is time consuming and prone to errors and oversights.

Intelligent barcode labeling coupled with simple, intuitive inventory software creates an efficient solution for tracking samples throughout the entire lifecycle. 

The SafeCode™ system encompasses pre-labeled, barcoded cryostorage vials (ranging from 0.5 ml to 4 ml) compatible with a standard barcode scanner— or Rack-Scan full sample rack scanner for greater efficiency—and integrates with powerful eLABInventory software. Storage vials feature three-level coding, including a 2D DataMatrix with ECC 200, a 1D classic barcode, and an easily readable numeric ID. eLABInventory’s intuitive user interface and visual inventory browsing capabilities make it easy to track and locate scanned samples in storage, and the mobile app enables users to access sample information in the lab or on the go. Smart barcode labeling and inventory management is an efficient solution to improve sample tracking, and eliminates the dreaded task of identifying and tracing an unreadable label. 

Freezers Designed Around the Sample

Once a sample is prepared and labeled, it is often placed in an ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezer without much further thought. Operating in the background, the ULT freezer is an often overlooked but essential piece of equipment for preserving sample integrity. A robust freezer must be reliable and efficient, capable of maintaining stable temperatures and providing rapid recovery and pull-down after door openings. It should also be organized with appropriate racks and storage boxes, to make it easier to locate and obtain samples while minimizing door openings. 

With this in mind, the CryoCube® F740 series was designed with an efficient, reliable compressor system and advanced sample monitoring and management capabilities. Efficient layouts can be created with a broad range of racks and storage boxes that optimize the storage space. When integrated with eLABInventory software, barcoded samples and sample racks may be easily located using any web-enabled device, eliminating time spent searching for samples and the detrimental temperature swings that result from prolonged door openings. 

Intelligent design also includes a touchscreen interface that enables users to view all data in real-time, including temperature data and event logs, to ensure optimal sample conditions. An electronic lock system with unique user access offers additional security by ensuring controlled access. Temperature data and event logs may also be monitored remotely via VisioNize. Customizable alarm and event notifications can alert the appropriate individuals of abnormalities via email or text, to ensure a stable sample environment 24/7.

Digital Data Management

Electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs) are rapidly replacing paper-based and manual approaches to data management. ELNs enable efficient data documentation and organization, and facilitate collaboration across projects, and between research groups. As workplaces are rapidly evolving and adapting to new global challenges, the ability to access data remotely and implement controlled permissions ensures individuals and teams can securely access the information they need to work productively from anywhere. 

ELNs also support compliance with ISO and work in accordance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). eLABJournal completes the sample management system, functioning as an intuitive and flexible ELN, that may be expanded into a fully integrated Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). 

This digital approach to data management enables users to track an individual sample throughout its lifecycle. When the storage vessel barcode is scanned, it is automatically entered into the inventory software and placed in cold storage. The intelligent freezer design enables conditions to be monitored in real-time to ensure critical sample characteristics are preserved. eLABInventory integrates with eLABJournal, where experimental data, SOPs, and protocols are also stored. This comprehensive system also supports compliance efforts, as it maintains a full audit trail of all recorded experiment data, protocols, and enables experiments to be locked with electronic signatures in accordance with FDA 21 CFR part 11 guidelines. 

From sample creation to data analysis, and everything in between, the Eppendorf suite of solutions creates a comprehensive sample management system to ensure sample and data integrity. You can rest assured that your samples are safe with Eppendorf.

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