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Lower Your Carbon Footprint Without Workflow Disruption with Remanufactured Lab Plastics

Decarbonizing innovation: a closed-loop solution for scientific plastics

Join the carbon future and remanufacture your used lab consumables into the next generation of lab products 

The research industry uses over 12 billion pounds of single-use lab plastics each year, or roughly 8 pounds per scientist, per day. Your lab can help reduce the industry’s dependence on fossil fuels by using closed-loop lab products made from remanufactured lab plastics. Close the loop by restocking your lab with remanufactured consumables, so that you can achieve your sustainability goals without disrupting your workflow.

Highlights from the webinar: 

  • Why it is critical to our environment for biotech and healthcare to decarbonize 
  • How managing plastic waste is key to decarbonization 
  • The state of the industry today 
  • Challenges with downcycling 
  • Circular solutions for low-carbon labs 

Can our environment afford for you to not be concerned about your lab’s single-use plastic waste?

Video Thumbnail image with gloved hands pouring microplastics from one hand to another. The header reads 'Decarbonizing Innovation: A Closed-Loop for scientific purposes". Inset images show a male and female speaker.

Download this on-demand webinar to learn more about sustainable lab consumables, courtesy of Polycarbin.

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