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A Vacuum Pump System with Bluetooth Enabled Remote Control

Must-have features of the SC 920 system are 2 mbar end vacuum, excellent flow at end vacuum, efficient solvent recovery, and automatic boiling point detection.

by KNF Neuberger

Must-have features of the SC 920 system are 2 mbar end vacuum, excellent flow at end vacuum, efficient solvent recovery, and automatic boiling point detection. A primary trap and a secondary, water-cooled condenser complete the self-contained, sturdy package.

The touch screen and control knob on the Bluetoothenabled panel detaches from the main unit and becomes your remote control. Function and performance changes are instantly made up to 60 ft away.

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How does the SC920 system work?

At the start of a process, the pump begins slowly, preventing any overreaction to small chamber volumes or low BP solvents. A precision sensor measures the actual system pressure multiple times per second, comparing it with programmed setpoints. The microprocessor monitors any changes in pressure curve, instantly adjusting pump performance. This ensures fast process times with exceptional accuracy and repeatability.

Four operating modes are provided:

  • Manual Speed Control: You select the motor speed and the system pumps down to the desired vacuum.
  • Manual Pressure Control: You select the vacuum setpoint, and the system reaches and maintains the level.
  • Automatic Mode: The microprocessor system automatically finds the vapor pressure of the sample and regulates pumping speed maximizing evaporation. Changes in the pressure curve are monitored and instantly re-adjusts pumping speed.
  • Individual Pressure Function: The system regulates the vacuum according to a user-programmed pressure curve. The setpoint pressure and the opening/closing of the coolant valve are also entered for a set range of times. A convenient repeat function handles multiple processes.

System Control using the Remote Control or Your PC

The SC920 control detaches and functions as a remote control with Bluetooth for complete monitoring and control of vacuum system functions, even in a safety vent hood from across the lab. Its Windows-based software, when installed on your PC, displays pressure curves as charts which you can save as permanent logs and export to spreadsheet or text files.

The SC920 is Environment-Friendly

  • Optimizing the pumping speed increases the effectiveness of the condenser and solvent recovery yields, further reducing effluents. This, coupled with energy savings gained over vacuum pumps running at full speed, make the SC920 system a green, environmentally- friendly tool.
  • Significant HVAC energy savings are realized by keeping the fume hood sash closed. The system’s remote control allows the user complete control without once opening the fume hood sash.
  • Because the SC920 pump uses no oil in its operation, disposal of contaminated pump oil is no longer a concern.
  • The system is extremely quiet, lowering the noise pollution level in your lab.

Easy Installation. Thanks to the control panel’s remote capability, you can place your new vacuum system anywhere and conserve valuable bench space. The remote’s 100 ft range expands your installation possibilities. The system can be placed inside a ventilated cabinet, on a shelf above the work area, under the bench, inside a fume hood, or even in an adjacent room… wherever it is most convenient. You maintain complete remote control at all times.

The SC920 Improves Lab Safety

The remote control allows for the operation of vacuum equipment such as rotary evaporators within closed safety hoods, reducing everyone’s exposure to solvent vapors, glass breakage and chemical spills.