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Digital Event: Lab Manager Drug Discovery Digital Summit

Lab Manager Drug Discovery Digital Summit pharmaceutical
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Lab Manager Drug Discovery Digital Summit

Advances in Pharmaceutical Strategies and Technologies

March 15-16, 2022
From 11 AM EST

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Pharmaceutical research and development plays an important role in modern health and safety. There are always new technological advancements in this field, such as innovative equipment, artificial intelligence, and genomic/proteomic sequencing. Researchers at the forefront of orphan drugs, oncology treatment, clinical trials, vaccines, and other important therapies need assurance that they are equipped with the latest and best equipment, supplies, and processes available to them.

Lab Manager  will host industry experts speaking on these issues and more during its Drug Discovery Digital Summit on March 15-16. Top leaders in the industry will discuss issues related to the pharmaceutical idea chain, including life sciences, biotechnology, the principles of drug research, new innovations in equipment, and more. An audience Q&A session will follow each session. Register for free to attend this educational event that will offer valuable guidance on the latest developments in pharma and drug discovery.