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Digital Event: Lab Manager Green Labs Digital Summit

Lab Manager Green Labs Digital Summit on sustainability
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Lab Manager Green Labs Digital Summit

Working Toward a More Sustainable Lab

February 15-16, 2022
From 11 AM EST

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Laboratories use a huge amount of energy, which means high utility bills and a toll on the environment. Labs are joining more and more countries across the globe who are implementing “green” practices in order to save both money and the planet. Lab managers and lab planners are using innovative techniques to cut back on water usage, increase daylight into dreary research areas, and reduce their waste output. It’s important to remember that a more sustainable lab can’t be developed overnight—lab managers should take a look at the small changes they can make now, to save time and money down the road.

Join Lab Manager on February 15-16 for our Green Labs Digital Summit. This two-day program will feature industry experts who will share their experiences in developing a more sustainable lab. They will offer advice, helpful strategies, and case studies to help you create a less wasteful, more efficient lab facility. Lab managers will learn new strategies to create a greener work environment, and will develop a sense of what questions to ask when implementing sustainable work processes and equipment. A Q&A session with the audience will follow each session.