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Lab Manager Safety Summit

Taking place October 29-30, 2019 in Philadelphia, PA, the 2019 Lab Manager Safety Summit focused on key management and safety issues affecting lab managers and safety specialists.

Expert speakers offered practical tools to help laboratory leaders guide their teams to higher levels of safety engagement and commitment. Key topics included safety leadership, chemical hygiene, and disaster preparedness.

In addition to the valuable information gained from the presentations, conference attendees had the opportunity to interact with and learn from each other in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

This summit is a unique laboratory safety event, catering to science lab professionals, and is open to a variety of scientific industries. If you are responsible for maintaining a safe working environment, we encourage you and your peers to sign up for our 2020 Safety Summit. Titles may include: Health and Safety Specialist, Risk Manager, Safety Director, Lab Supervisor, Hazard Control Specialist, Industrial Hygiene Officer, or anyone in a similar role. Date and location details to be announced soon. We hope to see you there!