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Digital Event: Lab Manager Sustainability Digital Summit

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Lab Manager Sustainability Digital Summit

Improving Green Lab Operation and Design

Green lab operation and design aren’t just a good idea, but can also lead to real improvements in cost and efficiency. Laboratories use large amounts of energy, emit large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions, and generate large amounts of landfill waste, especially plastic. Many labs today find themselves pressured to “do more with less.” Lab managers must deal with limited resources, high costs, challenging building occupation issues, and staff recruitment and retention challenges. Many Lab managers feel overwhelmed as they deal with all of these factors. However, implementing even small changes can lead to greener, healthier buildings that actually save money in the long run.

Join Lab Manager on September 22-23 for our Sustainability Digital Summit: Improving Green Lab Operation and Design. This informative two-day program will feature case studies of successful sustainability and green lab programs from around the world; insight into how sustainable lab design affects the surrounding community; tips for auditing your lab to be more sustainable; and more! Learn about new, already tested strategies that you can implement in your own lab, and listen to industry experts talk about simple steps you can take right now to develop a greener, better, and more cost-effective workplace. Register for free to attend this educational event that will offer valuable guidance as you address your workplace challenges.

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