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Digital Event: Lab Manager Women Leaders in Science Series

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Lab Manager Women Leaders in Science Series

Helping Women Reach their Leadership Potential

Lab managers have travelled many different paths to achieve their roles. Despite making up about 50 percent of college students in science disciplines, women are underrepresented in technical roles in industry, and an even smaller number of women hold leadership and management roles such as lab manager. Women face different challenges than men as they work to reach the position of lab manager and other senior leadership roles.

Lab Manager will enable successful women leaders from different scientific roles to share their stories as part of our new Women Leaders in Science monthly webinar series. Successful women will share their experiences, including their challenges, obstacles, and successes. These shared stories will enable existing lab managers to better understand these journeys and provide improved career development guidance to the women on staff. In addition, these stories will provide examples and advice to young women through examples of how they can address the challenges and obstacles they face to reach the career success they envision. Audience members will be invited to participate in a Q&A with speakers following each session, as they gather information to take back to their own labs and improve their own experiences.

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