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Digital Event: Lab of the Future Digital Summit

Lab Manager's Lab of the Future Digital Summit
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Lab of the Future Digital Summit

Accommodating Tomorrow's Lab Technology

December 13-14, 2022
From 11 AM EST

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Science and technology are constantly advancing, and laboratory facilities must adapt with these changes. Successful lab managers ensure a flexible lab that readily accommodates changes in equipment, process, and procedures, to avoid time-consuming and costly delays and overhauls. Lab staff also need proper training and development to ensure that they are current on the latest standards and procedures. How can lab managers maintain a safe, innovative, productive workplace, while leaving enough room to accommodate unknown new services and equipment?

Lab Manager will host its Lab of the Future Digital Summit on December 13-14, featuring industry experts who will talk about the latest developments in lab equipment, automation, and services, as well as what’s in store for both the near and the distant future. Register for free for this event, which will offer insight and real-life experiences to help you achieve an optimized, future-proof lab. Audience members will be invited to participate in a Q&A with speakers following each presentation, where they can ask for advice about their respective labs and situations. 

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