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Lab Services Resource Guide

Your ultimate resource for lab services

Labs need many things to be done for science to continue, independent of the kind of science practiced by the organization. Most labs don’t have the expertise or people power to complete all these tasks independently, they must decide which activities to conduct themselves and which to outsource. Outsourcing is an effective way to handle tasks you may not have the capacity, expertise, or certification to carry out in-house. This can be highly cost-effective with the right partner and help position your lab for growth. However, outsourcing must be used wisely to maintain quality and speed. 

Lab Services Resource Guide

In this eBook, you’ll learn about:

  • Questions to ask when looking for lab services
  • Choosing services to improve lab performance
  • Multi-vendor services: value, selection, and tips for implementation
  • How to choose a contract laboratory
  • How to decide when to use a laboratory staffing service
  • Compliance services for data integrity

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