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Labconco Corporation Celebrates its 90th Anniversary

Labconco Corporation, Kansas City, Missouri, is pleased to announce its 90th Anniversary this year. Laboratory Construction Company, as it was first named, was founded by Phil Goldfisch and Ralph Callaway and started out in a small garage in downtown Kansas City back in 1925. The first products were Kjeldahl apparatus which made sense being in one of the largest milling towns used by local milling companies in the area.

by Labconco
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In 1939, Ralph's son, Redman, joined the business and later became President. He left an indelible mark throughout his 60-year career with the company. In the 1960's Labconco introduced a series of fume hoods that later became their signature Protector® series. Soon after came glove boxes, glassware washers and in 1976, their first biological safety cabinet was introduced. In 1980, John McConnell took the helm as President and led the organization to even more opportunities and expansion. The Freeze dry apparatus was of particular interest to John and he led the product launch with enormous vigor. During his tenure, Labconco expands its reach internally culminating in the company winning the prestigious President’s E award for excellence in exporting in 1996.

Shortly before the company celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2000, John retired as President and now serves as Chairman Emeritus. Steve Gound stepped into the position having been Vice President of Accounting for several years prior and as Treasurer since 1971. Pat Anderson, previously Vice President of International Sales, now leads the company as President.

New products are the lifeblood of the company and recent innovations include the first enclosure specifically designed for use with nanomaterials. Its latest product entry is the world's first Class II, Type C1 Biosafety Cabinet.

In 1989 a Fort Scott manufacturing facility was added and now a company founded by two individuals has over 250 associates. Throughout the company's history, Labconco has held on to the core values instilled by Red Callaway: integrity, highest quality standards and exceptional customer service. These are core values that will not change. Labconco is grateful for its customers, dealer partners and vendors who have made its success possible.