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Labconco Protector® Echo™ and Airo™ Green Filtered Fume Hoods Enhance Safety, Efficiency

The Echo and Airo have now been redesigned with improved filtration technology and a simplified interface dedicated to safety

Labconco Protector® Echo Green Filtered Fume Hood

The Labconco Protector® Echo green filtered fume hood.

by Labconco
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Labconco is pleased to announce a significant enhancement to efficiency and safety for their Protector Echo and Airo line of eco-friendly filtered fume hoods. Building upon our continued dedication to sustainability, Labconco partnered with Erlab® in 2014 to introduce the first generation of the Echo. It has since become a popular choice for innovative laboratory designs and flex spaces due to its energy efficiency and versatility. Now the Echo and Airo have been redesigned with improved filtration technology and a simplified interface dedicated to safety. It reduces installation and setup to a matter of minutes, and allows remote monitoring via a Wi-Fi connected app with customizable status updates.

Unlike traditional ductless fume hoods, the Protector Echo and its smaller counterpart, the Protector Airo, are engineered with all of the containment features and utility options of a traditional ducted fume hood. This platform makes them capable of supporting the valves and fittings needed to accommodate a wide variety of applications generally reserved for ducted hoods. The exciting difference? No ductwork is required. Eliminating ductwork comes with great advantages for energy efficiency and operating cost. And that’s good for the environment, the project budget, and the utility bill.

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The Echo also simplifies installation and reduces project costs. Installing ductwork is time consuming and expensive. Expert planning, construction, and the disruptions associated with construction all add to the cost of installing a new hood. The HV/AC systems required to compensate for the tempered air that traditional ducted fume hoods exhaust from the lab are not only expensive, but they also come with a big energy price tag every month. That cost often constitutes the largest utility expense for an organization that maintains a laboratory. The Echo and Airo operate at a tiny fraction of the cost, and can often be installed without any construction at all. The result is a 99% reduction in HV/AC operation costs compared to ducted fume hoods.

Patented Neutrodine Unisorb® filters allow these hoods to be used with a wide variety of chemicals, making them far more versatile than other ductless hoods, and far more energy efficient than ducted ones. To find out if the Echo and Airo are the right solution for your laboratory, contact Labconco, or request a chemical assessment to get a recommendation for your lab’s chemical usage.



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