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Laboratory Power Management Course Available Online

Franek Technologies has made available online a course titled "Power Protection of Mission Critical Medical and Laboratory Equipment."

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Franek Technologies, the leader in certified Category III-3 Laboratory Battery Backup Power Protection Systems (LPS/UPS), has made available at, a course titled "Power Protection of Mission Critical Medical and Laboratory Equipment." The course was originally developed and presented by Raymond L. Hecker, A.E., M.B.A., Vice President and General Manager of Franek Technologies at the request of the University of California, Irvine.

Utilizing practical examples and case studies, the course illustrates, in an easy-to-follow format using non-engineering language, the importance of putting safeguards in place to protect critical data from corruption or complete loss. The course, which has been presented to scientists nationwide, is highly recommended for all laboratory managers, principal investigators, and quality assurance personnel running sensitive instrumentation in their respective laboratories.
The availability of such a course is a key opportunity for laboratory managers who are faced with instrumentation performance anomalies and unexplained lost or corrupted data or who are working with engineering firms to design new laboratory space and seek to prevent problems from the onset. In the laboratory, power interruptions of less than 30 milliseconds, stoppages, and itinerant fluctuations have been identified as costing over $5 billion per year in repair or replacement of damaged equipment, lost productive time, irretrievably lost data, data recovery, and having to repeat anomalous tests or experiments. Proactive power control and mitigation should be part of every laboratory's risk management program.
Hecker developed the course to train and enlighten laboratory managers and personnel in preventing such impacts on laboratory operation, research and quality assurance instrumentation, clinical support, and drug discovery proteomics. Franek Technologies' instrumentation-specific power protection solutions have typically saved each of its laboratory customers approximately $25,000 per year, per instrument protected.
The course material meets the guidelines of the U.S. Government's BioShield program to reduce the impact of bioterrorist attacks by minimizing power loss or power anomaly impacts on critical electrical/electronic devices, forensic, production, and research instrumentation. Power quality issues have surfaced as an increasingly large factor in disaster preparedness and good laboratory practices (GLP).
The course emphasizes laboratory data loss prevention and risk management considerations. Case studies are examined to illustrate how specific situations could have avoided disastrous impacts by instituting specific measures.
The online course covers the following segments:
-- Introduction
-- Power Terminology
-- Local Power Distribution Considerations
-- Government and Industry Group Recommendations
-- Power System Protection Devices & Power Backup
-- Regulatory and Economic Discussion
-- Category III-3 LPS/UPS Equipment Demonstration
-- ROI Recommendations
-- Key Seminar Topics
Source: Franek Technologies