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Flexible Solutions that Facilitate Scale-Up 

Large-scale nonviral delivery for cell therapy

Solutions for manufacturing cell therapy products must be designed with safety and flexibility in mind.  Instruments designed for closed manufacturing reduce the error associated with manual cell processing to create a safer product. Similarly, targeted gene delivery methods like transfection improve safety and performance of cell therapy products. Flexible solutions that facilitate scale-up can make it easier to transition from research to manufacturing by facilitating scalable and flexible nonviral delivery for cGMP cell therapy processing.

This resource guide contains information about:

  • Optimizing multiple electroporation conditions simultaneously
  • Solutions designed for electroporation process development through scale-up from research and solutions designed for process development at scale
  • A comparison of post-electroporation viability and transfection efficiency between two systems
  • How Gibco™ CTS™ products enable GMP compliance
  • How closed, modular systems can deliver efficiency and cost savings

Download this resource guide to learn more about the benefits of a closed, modular, large-scale electroporation system. 

Large-Scale Nonviral Delivery for Cell Therapy

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