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A photo of a woman in a cancer research lab wearing goggles and holding a test tube.
Photo provided by Agilent

LC Triple Quadrupole Clinical Research Compendium

A collection of clinical research application notes

by Agilent Technologies

This application compendium contains a collection of clinical research application notes demonstrating the use of the Agilent Triple Quadrupole LC/MS systems and presents the productivity advantages of the Agilent systems over traditional LC/MS analyses. Routine applications for hormones analyses, therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM), and Vitamin D analyses are included, as well as applications for proteomics and metabolomics studies.

The Triple Quadrupole LC/MS works in conjunction with a number of Agilent systems suited to meet specific needs. For example, in the studies presented, analyses were performed using the Agilent Ultivo system, the Agilent SimpliQ WCX SPE, Agilent Stream Select, and Agilent Captiva NDLipids, BondElut PBA SPE, to name a few.

Download this resource now to learn more about the Triple Quadrupole LC/MS, courtesy of Agilent.