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Learn How a Comprehensive LIMS Helps Drive Laboratory Compliance

Helping your lab comply with regulatory requirements

A significant aspect of every clinical diagnostic lab is the commitment to comply with regulatory requirements that ensure quality testing standards are achieved. In this eBook, Ovation partnered up with Jessica Moye, PhD, MB(ASCP)CM, Managing Partner of Navigation Diagnostics, to outline crucial compliance standards for your lab to consider, along with how a comprehensive LIMS helps ensure compliance is met.

This resource covers 12 core compliance standards, how they tie back to regulations across agencies (CLIA, CAP, COLA, HIPAA, FDA), and how a LIMS helps meet them, including:

LIMS laboratory compliance clinical diagnostics
  • Sample tracking and complete sample histories for audit purposes
  • Report formatting
  • Document management
  • Workflow checks and balances
  • And more!

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