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Let's Talk Productively Regarding Acceptable Risks

Join Lab Manager and our experts as we discuss crucial aspects of safety in the lab environment

Safety First Webinar

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Join us for an insightful webinar, "Let's talk productively regarding acceptable risks," as we delve into the crucial aspects of safety in the lab environment. This safety-first webinar will explore strategies and tips to facilitate productive conversations surrounding acceptable risks. Understanding that risk is the product of severity, exposure, and probability, we'll discuss methods to calculate and plot risk, utilizing various risk assessment tools and techniques.

Acknowledging that risk is never zero, we aim to improve communication about acceptable risks. With inevitable conversations, disagreements, and conflicts arising, our speaker will guide you on how these interactions are inevitable and productive for your team. Recognizing that perceptions of risk vary widely, we'll explore the tendency we have to rely on affective or experiential risk systems over analytical ones.

Delving deeper to uncover how our brains employ intuitive thinking to avoid unfavourable outcomes and create mental shortcuts, occasionally leading to unintended consequences. By openly addressing these cognitive biases and risk realities, our webinar aims to empower your team to better understand, manage, and cope with risks in the laboratory setting.


Jonathan Klane
Senior Safety Editor
Lab Manager

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