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Linkam Showcases Cryo Capabilities at M&M 2023

Linkam Scientific Instruments, will be presenting its cryo-correlative systems—the CMS196 and the CryoGenium plunger

One of the new cryo-Ems being shwon at M&M this year on a white background

Linkam will be at booth #1420 in the Minneapolis Convention Center.

by Linkam Scientific Instruments
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Linkam is showcasing a range of temperature-controlled stages at this year’s M&M, with a focus on its cryo-correlative portfolio, and will be hosting live tutorials on system operation and performance. Linkam will also be presenting a poster at the event.

The CMS196 is a cryo-correlative stage that can be used for the correlation of biochemical processes within cells. Providing high-resolution structural information from electron microscopy (EM) images, it can be interfaced with a variety of upright microscopes and is an integral part of a correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM) workflow. The system also supports reduced sample contamination, improved sample handling, and enhanced stability for super-resolution cryo imaging.

Also at the booth will be the Linkam CryoGenium, one of the company’s newest developments in electron microscopy (EM) grid vitrification. The system aims to address problems faced by users using Cryo-EM, cryo-tomography, single particle tomography (SPT), and cryo-CLEM, as the novel design replaces the common blotting mechanism to improve process stability and repeatability. This is done through the system’s patented suction method, with optical monitoring to adjust the sample thickness in a controllable manner.

Clara Ko, Sales and Marketing Manager at Linkam, comments: “We are excited to be back at M&M this year, demonstrating how we can support scientists who are conducting research at sub-zero temperatures. The CMS196 stage is one of our best-selling systems, and we’re looking forward to being able to showcase this alongside our new CryoGenium plunging system. Our live demonstrations allow delegates to see the systems in action, and provides them with an opportunity to speak to our specialists at the booth.”

Linkam will be at booth #1420 in the Minneapolis Convention Center, and the CryoGenium tutorials will be taking place on the booth on 24th, 25th, and 26th July at 17:45 pm CDT.