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Keys to a Strong Lab: Maintaining your Gas Generators 

A well-maintained gas generator can alleviate the setbacks that follow equipment failure, laboratory downtime, and low productivity

In recent years, laboratories have begun leaning toward the preferential use of gas generators as opposed to traditional gas cylinders. This is primarily due to the many safety hazards associated with the handling and storage of gas cylinders. Gas generators not only match up to gas cylinders in their provision of an uninterrupted supply of gas but are also a safer alternative that eliminates the need for cylinder replacements and the associated downtime. As an important tool used for several processes, proper care and maintenance of gas generators can go a long way to ensuring prolonged lifespan and optimal performance. This, in turn, averts circumstances surrounding laboratory downtime and unnecessary costs while ensuring operational efficiency.

Download this article to learn more about: 

  • How to make your lab safer through use of a well-maintained gas generator 
  • Reducing catastrophic equipment failure and preventing major repairs 
  • Optimizing operational performance and extending gas generator longevity 
  • Alleviating laboratory downtime and forecasting upkeep costs 
maintaining your gas generator like a strong lab

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