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Making Difficult Decisions

Join Lab Manager and our expert as we discuss approaches to effective decision making

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Lab managers must make a wide variety of decisions. Some decisions are quick and easy, but some can be very difficult. Improving your ability to make difficult decisions requires a disciplined approach that uses the available data and benefits from being tackled as a team. There are different types of difficult decisions. The difficult part usually originates from a disconnect in values, insufficient budget coverage, or an issue with high emotional content.

Effective decision-making processes involve multiple steps that include items like defining the problem, gathering information, evaluating ideas, and making choices. Being able to break complex or emotional problems into smaller bits enables a more careful analysis of the data and the options.

 This presentation will explore approaches to building confidence when making difficult decisions. 

Learning objectives

  • The importance of courage
  • Using available data
  • Using a decision-making process
  • Effectively communicating decisions
  • Decision fatigue


Scott Hanton
Editorial Director
Lab Manager

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