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Managing a Lab Build or Renovation

Join Lab Manager and our expert as we discuss approaches to building effective collaborations between labs and lab design professionals

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Upgrading the space is an exciting project for most labs. It’s an opportunity to create lab space for new kinds of work, improve existing space, and correct the issues that lab staff have been living with up to this point. However, most lab managers only get to participate in these projects a couple of times in their careers. To be successful, there is much to learn.

A good place to start on managing a lab build or renovation is by building an effective external team of lab design professionals. This team will bring extensive experience in building labs and will help the lab understand the choices they need to make, the context of those choices, and the impact of choices on cost and project timelines. This team will include roles like architect, planner, designer, and engineer. Learning how to interact with these skills will be critical to the success of the project.

Another key team is the internal project team, who are responsible for collecting and prioritizing the needs for the space, learning about options, and communicating with the rest of the lab. They need to be prepared to get the project started, determining the budget and timeline, prioritizing the list of needs, and developing a coverage plan for lab work continuity during the project.


As an attendee, you will learn more about:

  • Building the right teams
  • Clearly hearing lab staff’s needs for the space
  • Building a lab design vocabulary
  • Prioritizing needs
  • Evaluating appropriate options
  • Communication between the teams


Scott Hanton
Editorial Director
Lab Manager

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