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Markes Expands the Scope of Its Award-Winning Centri® Platform

Markes has now further developed the platform by adding the ability to give laboratories finer automation control levels and enhanced sampling capabilities

by Markes International
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Markes International's Centri® platform sample extraction and enrichment platform.
Markes International

Markes International Ltd has announced that it will be unveiling a new version of its award-winning sample extraction and enrichment platform at Pittcon 2020 in Chicago.

When launched at Analytica in 2018, Centri marked a breakthrough in versatility and performance for the automated sampling and preconcentration of volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs and VOCs) from solid, liquid and gaseous samples, prior to GC–MS analysis. In the 24 months since then, it has been acclaimed as a ‘stroke of genius’ by the Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards (TASIAs) and crowned 'Top Product' at Laborexpo.

“Simply put, Centri ensures best use of instrument time and increased throughput thanks to prep-ahead and overlap modes during extraction and enrichment when using high-capacity sorptive extraction,” says Gareth Ellis, Markes’ supplies and extraction and enrichment manager.

Markes has now further developed the platform by adding the ability to give laboratories finer automation control levels and enhanced sampling capabilities.

“Firstly, we have improved functionality by allowing users to increase or decrease the level of automation, which ultimately allows Centri’s unique trap-enabled preconcentration, extraction and enrichment to be available to a wider range of laboratories,” says Ellis. “Plus we have added sample stacking (enrichment from multiple samples, including mixed modes), intelligent diagnostics (flow-path leak check and locator), smart technology for capturing data from the headspace and SPME sampling accessories, liquid handling (e.g. the addition of derivatization reagent or internal standard), chilled trays and support for trap-enabled SPME-Arrow—making the platform even more powerful.”

For the ultimate in performance and flexibility, the Centri is now also available with a 160 cm rail, increasing extraction and enrichment possibilities even further—with a longer rail come the additional benefits of greater capacity and configuration combinations. Additional capabilities are available such as the ability to automate injection directly to the GC column and the use of custom automation scripts alongside Centri’s automated trap-enabled headspace, SPME, SPME-Arrow, HiSorb, and thermal desorption workflows.

For laboratories that require different levels of automation—ranging from a manual to a fully automated platform—Centri can be tailored to suit every need, each delivering the same high performance. The platform can also be upgraded when required to include further automation using Markes or select third-party robotics, thus the future-proofing of Centri is ensured.

Andy Hardwick, commercial director of Markes’ parent company, Schauenburg Analytics Ltd, said: “We believe that building on the already successful Centri enables a wider range of scientists to access its unique power. Centri has proved itself in a wide range of applications, being at the forefront of research and at the heart of many high-throughput laboratories’ workflows. The new additions add to its flexibility and power. When combined with SepSolve Analytics’ INSIGHT® GC×GC, BenchTOF™ and ChromSpace® data processing technologies, we believe that Centri can offer the ultimate in discovery platforms.”

SepSolve Analytical is the sister company of Markes International. Together, the two companies form a network of Schauenburg Analytics technical centers around the world, serving the needs of customers not just through the provision of instrumentation and equipment, but also through their combined knowledge base and partnerships developed with academic institutions.