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Woman in safety glasses with hair up sits at a mass spectrometer

Mass Spectrometry Resource Guide

Mass spectrometry is a powerful, high-throughput, qualitative and quantitative analytical technique

by Lab Manager

Mass spectrometers measure the mass-to-charge ratio (m/z) of one or more molecules in a sample, and create spectra that can be used to determine the mass and structure of these molecules. Each mass spectrometer consists of an ionization source, to convert molecules to gas-phase ions, a mass analyzer to sort and separate the ions, and a detection system. There are many different configurations of mass spectrometers available, and it is important to consider the sample types being analyzed, and the resolution and speed of analysis required.

In this eBook you will learn: 

  • Questions to ask when buying mass spectrometers
  • The importance of calibration and qualification of your mass spectrometry instruments
  • How using triple-quadrupole mass spectrometry can simplify your workflow
  • New techniques in MS-based proteomic screenings
  • Mass spec strategies for drug discovery