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Mass Spectrometry Resource Guide 

Enhanced insights into compositional characterization of analytes 

Mass spectrometers are essential for compositional analysis in various fields of research including analytical chemistry, environmental analysis, forensics, and pharma, to name a few. As tools, mass spectrometers can help identify unknown compounds via molecular weight determination for both pure samples and complex mixtures.  Depending on the sample type, the resolution, and the speed of analysis required, users may lean toward different configurations of mass spectrometers. 

Mass Spectrometry Resource Guide

Continued innovations surrounding the development of mass spectrometry techniques have enabled greater progress in research. However, challenges concerning sample preparation, and ionization efficiencies persist and heavily influence measurement sensitivity and accuracy. Nevertheless, mass spectrometers remain an indispensable tool for compositional analysis and characterization of analytes with diverse practical applications. 

In this e-book, you will learn about: 

  • Guiding principles to consider when purchasing a new mass spectrometer
  • How to proceed with in-house or vendor-assisted calibration of mass spectrometry instruments
  • Sample prep tips for mass spectrometry
  • Insights on advances in mass spectrometry-based applications 

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