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A photo of a female scientist in a lab using a liquid chromatography machine
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Mass Spectrometry Sample Preparation

A comparison of methods

by BioChromato

Traditionally, pyrolysis gas chromatography has been widely used as a method to prepare samples such as polymers and insoluble materials for mass spectrometry analysis. The technique is well documented as being able to prepare a wide range of trace samples including polymers, plastics, and fibres, often without pre-treatment.

Similarly, sample preparation using ionRocket, a gradient heating device for DART-MS, can quickly analyse solid samples without pre-treatment. However, there are differences between these two sample preparation methods, including the presence or absence of a known separation mechanism, the time taken by the two different techniques, and presence or absence of fragmentation. According to these considerations, it is necessary to make a technique selection.

Download the technical note now to see a comparison of techniques in an easy-to-understand tabular format that can help researchers select the most appropriate method for their application, courtesy of BioChromato.