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Master Lab Moves and Spend: Failures & Successes to Learn From

Join Lab Manager and our experts as we discuss lab moves and efficient lab spending processes

Leadership Summit Panel

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Join Lab Manager and it's expert panel as they explore strategies for successful lab moves and efficient lab spending processes through common challenges and pitfalls. Expect actionable takeaways for improving lab efficiency and managing resources effectively as we'll discuss:

  1. Triggers for lab moves along with key lessons learned from past experiences.
  2. Challenges and solutions to tackle lab supply spend management, such as decentralized purchasing, scalable ordering systems, and strategies for gaining buy-in
  3. Failures and success on managing spend habits and system options

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Joel Basken

Director of Operations
Enveda Biosciences

Nathan Foorman

Life Science Facilities & Operations Consultant
Foorman Facilities Advising

Lindsey Fitzgerald

Senior Account Executive

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