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Masterflex L/S Easy-Load Pump Head Updated with Modern Design

Pump head replaces the first original model that was launched 30 years ago in 1989

by Cole-Parmer
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Cole-Parmer is proud to announce the launch of the new Masterflex L/S Easy-Load pump head, which replaces the first original model that was launched 30 years ago in 1989. This pump head not only has an all-new modern, sleek and compact design but also has enhanced features that provide greater ease of use.

The pump head is appropriate for use in the laboratory, or for process and industrial applications.

This redesigned pump head provides even more efficient pumping than its predecessor, pumping 2.3 L per minute at 5 to 6 bar. Enhanced features include improved pressure performance and reduced pulsation with the four-roller design. An improved occlusion-bed geometry reduces tubing wear and lengthens tubing life. Tubing changes are fast with single-thumb actuation, with automatic tubing retention eliminating the need for manual adjustments, thus increasing accuracy and repeatability. The pump heads can also be stacked for multichannel pumping.

The Easy-Load pump head is easy-to-use and durable. It boasts a corrosion-resistant stainless-steel rotor and PTFE-shielded bearings for long life expectancy. The pump head works on any Masterflex L/S drive and provides optimal performance when using compatible Masterflex tubing.

Models are available with and without open-head sensor functionality. Open-head sensor provides more safety, as when the pump head is opened the drive stops. For more information on this new Masterflex L/S Easy-Load Pump Head, visit