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PC 3004 Vario Select whisper-quiet pump precisely controls vacuum level

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Q:Do you have trouble finding a pump that provides strong vacuum and can run for extended periods of time?

Vacuum plays a crucial role in many steps of the cannabinoid extraction process. Virtually every step in the process of converting plant matter to high purity oil relies on vacuum. Having a pump that doesn’t require much maintenance or cause interruption during your process is essential.

A:Automate your processes and produce better results faster with the PC 3004 VARIO select.

VACUUBRAND has a wide range of vacuum pumps to enhance your extraction process. Our oil-free pumps will increase product yield and product purity. The integrated VACUU·SELECT controller automatically detects solvent boiling and adjusts process control, minimizing process time while preventing product loss from bumping and foaming. Our pumps provide strong vacuum in the right range and have 15,000-hour typical service intervals. Finding the right vacuum will let you finish steps faster, more safely, and with better purity and potency.