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Maximizing Productivity in the Connected Lab

How to discover, implement, and fully leverage the lab management tools that maximize productivity and streamline lab operations

The digital transformation trend in labs has seen numerous powerful lab management tools surface, offering the potential for greater efficiency, streamlined operations, increased productivity, and data-driven decision-making. Realizing these benefits, however, requires adopting a broad view of management needs and software integrations, finding the right tools for your lab, and fully leveraging them. 

How to discover, implement, and fully leverage the lab management tools that maximize productivity and streamline lab operations

This resource guide focuses on the management tools that maximize productivity, including asset management, scheduling, and inventory tracking, how to smoothly transition to new technology, and how to prepare for the connected lab of the future. It forms a comprehensive resource for anyone involved in the management, operation, and strategic planning of laboratory environments looking to optimize lab operations through advanced technologies and efficient management practices.

Download this guide to learn more about:

  • Data-driven asset management in labs and the importance of equipment and environmental monitoring, instrument tracking, and trend analysis.
    • Includes tips for identifying pain points, potential solutions, testing products, identifying behavior changes, planning implementation, and following up for effective data utilization in decision-making.
  • How digital transformation in labs can streamline operations and make data more accessible.
    • Explores the impact of enhanced connectivity on software solutions, the role of predictive and prescriptive analytics in instrument management, and the future of digital transformation in laboratories.
  • How to improve organizational success through robust scheduling, addressing the 'three Ps of business': people, process, and product.
    • Includes tips for selecting the right scheduling software for operations, equipment booking, and meeting coordination.
  • The challenges and solutions in integrating new lab software tools.
    • Focuses on minimizing disruption, planning, involving key stakeholders, training, and collaboration with manufacturers for a smooth integration process.
  • The respective roles of inventory and asset management software in efficient lab operations.
    • Offers advice on selecting and optimizing lab management software to meet individual lab needs.
  • Incorporation of smart technology, AI, miniaturization, and automation in labs.
    • Focuses on optimizing data for AI, digital instrument connectivity, new instruments, and the concept of hardware as a service (HaaS) to enhance lab efficiency and outcomes.
  • Real-time, holistic lab management tools.
    • Highlighting benefits for real-time lab management, including efficient planning, maximizing productivity, speeding up troubleshooting, and ensuring security.

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