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Maximizing Reproducible Biological Sample Prep

Routine pipetting tasks across a larger number of samples can often be inefficient, complex, time consuming, and expensive. These hurdles can lead to increased training requirements, preparation time, procedural errors and ultimately hold back the pace of your experiments.

by Gilson

When preparing biological samples, you need an assistant you can trust and PIPETMAX™ is the ultimate lab assistant – focused on consistency.

Maximize qPCR assay reproducibility using PIPETMAX

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  • Maximize qPCR sample prep accuracy and eliminate inherent variability
  • Enhance sample purity


  • Gene expression of CAB was greater in PVY infected plants than in healthy/mock-inoculated plant leaves
  • PVY viral RNA levels increased >15-fold in 3 days demonstrating a rapid spreading of the viral infection
  • No PVY expression was detected in mock-inoculated plants (no contamination)
  • Enhance sample purity

Sample Analysis with qPCR (a) Expression of CAB gene normalized to COX and EF1 in infected compared to non-infected (mock-inoculated plants) (b) levels of PVY RNA in samples.Though it's a fundamental process that enables most life science research, the pipetting operations required to setup PCR can be quite monotonous for technicians conducting the process manually. This can lead to procedural errors and inconsistencies, not to mention decreased time and energy for researchers to make valuable and intellectual contributions to their research labs.

Automating your qPCR sample preparations, and other processes, can happen right out of the box. The intuitive qPCR assistant operates directly from the PIPETMAX touchscreen interface, allowing researchers to import sample information, configure reaction proportions, set up single or multiplex assays, and even export plate files for common thermocyclers. PIPETMAX does the rest by generating pipetting protocols based on your configurations and performs them quickly and efficiently.

Once you've automated your qPCR sample preparation, you can add additional kits that allow PIPETMAX to perform other processes, such as Next Generation Sequencing, ELISA, nucleic acid cleanup and cell-based assays.

You can also add the PIPETMAX protocol builder software to create completely custom protocols and import them into PIPETMAX for solutions that are unique to your needs.

With PIPETMAX, the possibilities are endless.

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