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May 2017 Technology News

The latest equipment, instruments, and system introductions to the laboratory market.

by Lab Manager
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Triple Quadrupole LC/MS System


  • Combines high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and triple quadrupole mass spectrometry in an integrated system that delivers excellent operational efficiencies
  • Provides improved mass range, scan speed, and polarity switching—all of which enable scientists to better analyze molecules from a wide array of sample matrices
  • Incorporates a new gate valve that facilitates quicker and easier removal of the inlet capillary

Agilent Technologies 

LC/Q-TOF MS System

6545XT AdvanceBio

  • Optimized to address analytical workflows commonly used in biopharma
  • Combines high-performance liquid chromatography with robust quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry and data-analysis tools
  • This research-grade system is designed to deliver superior results to scientists seeking to characterize biomolecules that could be the basis for new therapeutics
  • Also optimized for use in profiling intact proteins, mapping peptides, and identifying post-translational modifications


Total Sulfur & Total Nitrogen Analyzers

compEAct Series

  • Offers compact, space-saving combustion systems for the fast and cost-effective analysis of liquids, gases, and LPG samples
  • Based on a vertical furnace configuration, combined with highly sensitive detection systems (HiPerSens®) and the powerful EAsy Protect safety and performance control system, these analyzers ensure precise and reliable results
  • The degree of automation is adaptable to individual requirements

Analytik Jena 

UHPLC Systems

Elute series

  • Developed for highest reproducibility in retention time and peak shape
  • Available in a variety of configurations to match the user’s individual analytical LC-MS requirements
  • Designed to minimize gradient delay volume providing users with the benefit of shortest run-to-run times, saving time in the user’s daily routine
  • Include binary linear driven pumps that deliver virtually pulse-free, reproducible flow rates


EDXRF Spectrometer

S2 Puma

  • Now comes with a 21 CFR Part 11-compliant software package, enabling users to integrate the instrument seamlessly into pharmaceutical laboratory environments for process and quality control
  • New software guarantees complete data integrity and authenticity with features such as electronic record keeping, electronic signatures, and automatic audit trails
  • The complementing instrument qualification and operational qualification package further supports users in the pharmaceutical industry


Carbon/Hydrogen/Nitrogen Determinator

628 Series

  • Available in flexible configurations— nitrogen/protein, carbon/nitrogen, and carbon/hydrogen/nitrogen
  • Unique combustion gas-handling and aliquot dosing system significantly extends the lifetime of the reagents used, eliminating the need for chromatographic separation techniques and other costly whole-gas analyses
  • A simple, gravity-fed autoloader allows for unattended analysis, while increasing long-term reliability of the loader


Thermogravimetric Analyzer


  • Determines weight loss as a function of temperature in a controlled environment
  • Allows users to obtain multiple thermogravimetric analyses such as moisture, volatile matter, and ash from a single sample in various foods, feeds, pet foods, coal/coke, and milling products
  • Offers macro sample size capabilities (nominal 1 gram sample), with automated batch analysis for 19 simultaneous samples (38 in dual configuration)


Miniature Spectrometer

Ocean FX

  • Offers high-sensitivity CMOS detector performance, acquisition speed up to 3,000 scans per second, and onboard spectral buffering to ensure data integrity during reaction monitoring
  • Suited for high-speed sorting and grading in production environments, measurement of transient events, and reaction kinetics monitoring for drug development and similar applications
  • Onboard buffer holds up to 50,000 spectra

Ocean Optics 

GC Columns


  • Series now includes a new a trio of columns specially developed for the analysis of fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) in food
  • The Zebron ZB-FAME stationary phase offers selectivity targeting a 37-compound mix, in a column that’s much shorter than traditional solutions
  • Shorter column reduces run times to about 11 minutes—a decrease of 75 percent or more—while still providing Rs values of 1.0 or greater


Multi-Angle Light Scattering Detector


  • Simultaneously measures the intensity of scattering at 21 angles which enables the precise calculation of the absolute molecular weight of proteins, natural, and synthetic polymers, and also molecular size expressed as the radius of gyration, Rg
  • Incorporates a broad range of working angles (7° - 164°), ensuring excellent precision in molecular weight and particle size determination

Postnova Analytics 

High Performance Liquid Chromatograph

Cannabis Analyzer for Potency

  • The first-ever instrument designed specifically for quantitative determination of cannabinoid content
  • Allows operators to produce accurate results with ease, regardless of cannabis testing knowledge or chromatography experience
  • Provides a comprehensive package integrating instrument hardware, analytical workflows, and supplies—including an analytical column, guard columns, mobile phase, and a CRM standard mixture
  • Included methods have been confirmed for ruggedness, repeatability, and quantitative accuracy



DIL 820, DIL 830, & ODP 860

  • Feature TA’s exclusive True Differential technology resulting in measurement accuracies that are 10 times better than the closest competitive system
  • Based on patented optical sensors that can analyze samples with a resolution of up to 1nm, and feature new high speed, no temperature-gradient furnaces that guarantee optimum temperature control and reduce downtime between tests

TA Instruments 


Discovery SDT 650

  • This simultaneous differential scanning calorimeter/ thermogravimetric analyzer (DSC/TGA) is the first to incorporate TA’s most advanced techniques like Modulated DSC®, Modulated TGA™, and Hi-Res™ TGA—opening up new areas of research
  • The only system capable of simultaneous TGA/TGA measurement
  • Proprietary dual sample mode delivers independent TGA measurements on two samples
  • Features a temperature range of ambient to 1500°C

TA Instruments 

EDXRF Spectrometer


  • Allows those conducting routine analysis or research to perform faster elemental analysis on a wide range of materials and sample sizes
  • Designed to be up to four times more sensitive than the previous version
  • Covers all periodic table elements, from fluorine to uranium, and provides increased sensitivity and flexibility to determine the full elemental composition of a sample

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

UV-Visible Spectrophotometric

Detector Flow-UV™

  • Designed for use with almost any commercial flow chemistry system
  • Fits conveniently into even crowded fume cupboards
  • Using the UV-visible absorbance data from a Flow-UV™ detector allows dispersion experiments to be monitored in real time and enables product collection to be controlled according to the onset and decline of steady state conditions


Basic Lab

Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinets

Purair LF Series

  • These high-efficiency cabinets are designed to protect equipment and other contents of the work zone from particulates, for applications sensitive to such contamination
  • Available in 2', 3', 4', 5', 6', and 8' widths in standard and extra tall heights for general applications
  • Shipped fully assembled—no installation is required; just plug them in and use them

Air Science 

Nanomechanical & Nanotribological Test System

Hysitron TI 980 TriboIndenter®

  • Delivers excellent performance in quantitative nanoscale mechanical and tribological characterization
  • Features advances in throughput, reliability, and modularity to accelerate materials development
  • Configurations include quantitative nanoscale-to-microscale indentation, nanoscratch, nanowear, in-situ scanning probe microscopy imaging, dynamic nanoindentation, and highspeed mechanical property mapping to enable a comprehensive understanding of material behavior at the nanoscale


Media Dispensing Pumps


  • The Masterflex® L/S® Digital Miniflex® dispensing pump has been combined with everything needed to deliver accurate, repeat volumes for dispensing and filling applications
  • Increase efficiency and throughput when compared to hand pouring, manually pipetting, or using bottletop dispensers
  • Suited for microbiology, and tissue and cell culture labs that fill large quantities of plates, tubes, vials, or bottles




  • A  fully insulated chamber ensures minimal temperature fluctuation
  • Include adjustable sliding wire shelves that pull out fully for easy access to all samples • A built-in thermal line recorder makes it easy for lab personnel to track the temperature
  • Feature a high-efficiency evaporation system made with low corrosive materials
  • Safety features include high/low temperature and overcurrent protection, and more


Infrared Microscope


  • The second generation of high-performance infrared chemical imaging microscopes offered by Daylight Solutions
  • Shares the wide-field, high-resolution, and real-time chemical imaging capabilities of its predecessor but can now produce twice the data in 1/10 of the time while achieving unprecedented signal-to-noise levels
  • Requires no setup time or cryogenic cooling, enabling more time for analysis

Daylight Solutions 

Pump Intelligent Pump


  • Provides low pulsation as well as an innovative suction and discharge system
  • Makes it possible to keep a constant flow rate even with trapped air bubbles and allows for reliable intake from containers placed below the pump
  • Features a dual identical plunger assembly, with each plunger being independently controlled by RS-232C software

JM Science 

Dual Rate Syringe Pump

Gemini 88 Plus

  • Is really two individual syringe pumps in one instrument, providing two independent pumping channels linked through hardware and software
  • Can infuse simultaneously at different rates, or infuse with one syringe and withdraw with the other
  • When combined with a valve box, it provides the continuous delivery of a peristaltic or piston pump with the accuracy, absence of pulsation, and low flow rates of a syringe pump

KD Scientific 

A7 Certified Liquid Barrier Gown


  • Delivers stringent liquid barrier protection for scientists and operators and the environments in which they work
  • Suited for protection against spills and splashes from bloodborne pathogens, biologics, or other harmful liquids
  • Meets USP guidelines to protect compounding pharmacy workers and the pharmacy environment from hazardous drugs
  • Includes a seamless front design and several other key safety features

Kimberly-Clark Professional 

Lab Water Purification System

Milli-Q® IQ 7000

  • First lab water system to use environmentally friendly, mercury-free UV lamps
  • Smaller, ergonomic design reduces waste, increases productivity, and accelerates research
  • Features purification cartridges that are 33 percent smaller than previous versions
  • Includes a high-definition digital touchscreen similar to a mobile phone display for simple operation
  • Hibernation mode maintains system water quality with reduced energy consumption


Bead Mill Homogenizer

Bead Ruptor Elite

  • Features a newly integrated touchscreen user interface that allows users to easily monitor and control homogenization preferences
  • Is the updated version of the Bead Ruptor 24
  • An eight gigabyte memory allows users to designate and store over 100 protocol settings with customized titles for maximum repeatability
  • Designed for laboratories that require high throughput sample disruption

Omni International 

Motorized Microscope Translation Stage


  • Compatible with all modern research microscopes
  • Allows researchers to quickly, yet precisely, move any modern research microscope of up to 60 kg in weight to a desired position and quickly return to areas of interest without moving their sample
  • Provides quiet and smooth movement with zero backlash operation over a travel range of 50 x 50 mm of travel

Prior Scientific 

Automated Infrared Microscope


  • Features automated analysis functions and an enhanced wide field camera option
  • Enables analysts of all experience levels to observe, measure, and analyze micro samples quickly and efficiently
  • A 330X digital zoom “view to scan” feature provides analysts with an easier and more efficient tool for finding and positioning microscopic samples for accurate analysis


Batch Reactors


  • Designed by chemists for chemists
  • Combines high quality construction with unique user-friendly features and reliable performance, and is ideal for process development and kilo labs
  • Accommodates a broad selection of jacketed and vacuum jacketed vessels from 100 ml up to 10 liters, and can be operated at temperatures between -90 and +250°C, and pressures from 50 mBarA to 0.25 BarG


Chemicals, Kits, and Reagents

Cell Free DNA Purification Kit


  • Provides an automation-friendly method to obtain maximal cfDNA recovery from various specimen types, including fresh or frozen serum or plasma, as well as plasma from blood collected in Streck Cell-Free DNA collection tubes
  • Uses silica-coated paramagnetic particles to purify cfDNA from less than 1 mL to greater than 10 mL of serum or plasma



  • Available with and without Mastermix
  • More than 800 kits available
  • Offer convenience, accurate and quick results, and excellent value at 150 tests per kit
  • All contents of the kit are lyophilized for simple transport and storage, no refrigeration required
  • Each kit uses the speed and sensitivity of qPCR to obtain the most accurate data quickly


Agarose Gel Extraction Kit

  • Offers a simplified DNA purification process and robust results
  • Specifically designed to enhance efficiency
  • Arrives with the necessary components including, extraction buffer, activation buffer, washing buffer, elution buffer, spin columns, and collection tubes
  • Provides maximum recovery of DNA from 100bp to 10kb while simultaneously removing primer-dimers, primers, nucleotides, proteins, salt, agarose, ethidium bromide, and other impurities

Empirical Bioscience 


Lab Outreach Analytics Solution


  • Powered by hc1 (
  • Designed for diagnostics labs
  • Unlocks siloed lab data to monitor trends in volume, TAT, and exceptions, and allows lab managers to compare business trends across referring physician networks
  • Enables operations teams to replace manual processes and monitor performance in real-time
  • Allows for higher client retention and better outreach strategies


Electronic Laboratory Notebook Software

The E-WorkBook GxP Cloud

  • Adds a pre-qualified service to the E-WorkBook suite
  • Designed to help organizations streamline their compliance processes for good practice (GxP) regulated systems
  • IDBS has a team of site reliability engineering experts dedicated to managing the software—offering a truly scalable and comprehensive service to its customers, from a tailored onboarding process to full deployment


Cloud-Based App for Electronic Pipettes

My Pipette Creator

  • Is the first-ever web-based pipetting application
  • Developed to enable seamless connectivity with electronic pipettes for optimized performance and safe, efficient, and rapid sharing of protocols
  • Created for use in conjunction with the new Bluetoothenabled Thermo Scientific E1-ClipTip electronic pipettes
  • Offers a library of pre-programmed protocols for the E1-Clip- Tip pipettes and Thermo Fisher Scientific reagent kits

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Chromatography Data Software

Empower® Cloud

  • Combines Waters’ versatile, easy to use software with Amazon Web Services, the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud
  • Allows users to leverage the power of the Internet to procure technology and further drive operational efficiency
  • Utilizes a single CDS platform across business partner relationships with contract research organizations, contract manufacturing organizations, and others, improving consistency, quality, and compliance


Lab Automation



  • Offers increased vial capacity, discrimination-free GC injections (ultrafast injections) and an automatic tool exchange to switch between injector types (liquid, headspace, or SPME)
  • Also provides minimized carryover and the sensing of vial bottoms to avoid mis-injections
  • Allows for automation of up to 162 two mL samples, or 45 ten or twenty mL samples, and a complete injection cycle time down to 100 milliseconds


Automatic Dry Down Station

Ultravap Mistral Ex

  • With an adapted sample platform, the automation-friendly Mistral Ex is able to productively remove solvent from a wide range of sample formats, including 24 to 384-well format deep and shallow well plates, vials, and now test tubes up to 100mm high
  • Uses warm nitrogen gas blown down into the microplate wells, vials or tubes, just above the liquid level
  • Provides faster, sample-safe drying

Porvair Sciences 

Life Science

Flow Cytometer


  • Offers up to six lasers and 21 fluorescent channels, delivering even more parameters with the same exceptional fluorescence sensitivity and superior nanoparticle detection demanded by high end researchers
  • The platform’s excitation and detection capabilities have been further leveraged to meet the highcontent needs of researchers interested in up to 23 parameters of cellular analytical measurements
  • Easy to use and maintain

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences 

Imaging System for Optogenetics Research

Ultima NeuraLight 3D™

  • Is an advanced system for optogenetics research to decode neural connectivity and networks
  • Proprietary spatial light module (SLM) technology enables the mapping of neural networks on an unprecedented level with respect to stimulation frequency and spatial resolution
  • Achieved in close collaboration with leaders in neuroscience research at Stanford University, Columbia University, and University College London


Human and Animal Hepatocytes

  • Lonza now offers a comprehensive portfolio of fresh and cryopreserved human and animal hepatocytes for ADME-Tox testing
  • Support researchers with a variety of in-vitro applications, including studies into drug metabolism and toxicity, drug-transporter activity, and drug-drug interactions
  • The new hepatocyte portfolio also features hepatic non-parenchymal cells, such as stellate and Kupffer cells


Modified Synthetic Guide

RNA CRISPRevolution

  • Includes modified full length 100-mer synthetic single guide RNA (sgRNA)
  • Critical for editing challenging cell types such as primary and stem cells
  • Synthesized with 2’-O-methyl analogs and 3’ phosphorothioate internucleotide linkages in the first three nucleotides at both the 5’ and 3’ end of the RNA molecule
  • Chemically synthesized to the highest levels of purity


Pan-Ethnic Assay for Expanded Carrier Research

CarrierScan™ Assay

  • A new high-throughput, microarray-based assay designed to detect more than 6,000 genomic variations associated with inherited disease
  • Provides molecular genetics laboratories with a consolidated and automated, single pan-ethnic solution for expanded carrier status research
  • The 600-gene content included in the assay is based upon empirical selection of probes and biological verification of the most common variants

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Shigella Monoclonal Antibodies

  • Shigellosis is a foodborne gastrointestinal illness caused by several species of Shigella bacteria
  • Two sets of new monoclonal antibodies to Shigella have been released: one set specific to Shigella sonnei and another set specific to Shigella flexneri 2a
  • Potential applications for these include direct bacterial detection by ELISA and lateral flow rapid tests


Supplies and Consumables

3-Way Miniature Pinch Valves

NPV Series

  • Are solenoid-operated devices designed to open and close tubes for controlling flow of liquids and gases
  • Include four sizes with multiple pressure range options to 30 psig
  • Feature a small, compact design and are hygienic and easy to clean (replace tubes)
  • Offer low power consumption and high cycle life
  • Can handle whole blood and particulate matter


Metals Digestion Cup

Ultimate Clean™ Cup

  • The cleanest 50-mL metals digestion cup with the most robust certification on the market today
  • Designed specifically for trace metals analysis
  • Manufactured from clarified homopolymer polypropylene, which assures higher working temperatures and greater chemical resistance than commonly used co-polymer polypropylene
  • Specially designed packaging ensures all Ultimate Clean Cups arrive ready to use in any clean environment setting

Environmental Express 

Process Chromatography Resin

TOYOPEARL® AF-rProtein L-650F

  • Exhibits the highest binding capacity for antibody fragments that lack a Fc-portion (e.g. Fab, ScF Dab, etc.)
  • Now available for sale in the Americas from Tosoh Bioscience LLC
  • Also has the ability to bind to antibody classes that do not have the affinity to Protein A, such as IgM and IgA

Tosoh Bioscience