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Merger Places Nation’s Largest Lab Equipment Reseller in Massachusetts

Massachusetts-based Biodirect and Boston Microscopes join California based BioSurplus in announcing Merger to form Copia Scientific

Copia Scientific

Biodirect, Boston Microscopes and BioSurplus have joined forces to become Copia Scientific to provide a wide range of instrumentation and services to address the increasing demand placed upon the scientific...

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BOSTON, MA — August 19, 2021 / —Massachusetts based Biodirect and Boston Microscopes along with California based BioSurplus today announced the completion of a merger to form Copia Scientific, to be based in Massachusetts. The three-way merger creates the nation’s largest, non-OEM lab equipment reseller, refurbisher, and service provider in the industry. The company will be headquartered in Taunton, Massachusetts, with additional West Coast operations in San Diego, California to better serve the entire country as well as international customers.

“Copia will lead the industry in providing superior products, exceptional customer service, and unparalleled support to growing and existing companies in desperate need of the tools they require to be successful,” said Rich Tula, Copia Scientific president, the former Biodirect CEO. “Entering into a partnership with two like-minded companies is a game changer for us and our customers.”

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This merger will see Copia immediately begin hiring for a number of positions, particularly in Massachusetts.

“Consolidating the capabilities of these companies creates a platform for further expansion focused on better serving our customers,” said Bill VanDeWeghe, Copia Scientific CEO, who formerly served as CEO of BioSurplus. “This merger comes at a time of great need for the growing and expanding life science industry.”

“Joining these three companies together to create Copia Scientific allows us to expand the principles Boston Microscopes were founded on: customer service, quality, and integrity,” said Bryan Hoffman, former CEO of Boston Microscopes who will take on the role of chief revenue officer with Copia Scientific. “The consolidation of three leading vendors addresses industry-wide fragmentation and immediately establishes a peerless service provider offering a wide range of instrumentation, method development and field service, supporting the entire equipment life cycle.”

Copia will offer expertise in liquid handling, laboratory automation, microscopy, flow cytometry, detection technologies, and more along with a suite of asset management services including auctions and asset disposition solutions.

“The business model, the track records, and the commitment to creating a world-class organization will serve the sector well,” said Holly G. Green, Copia Scientific Chief Operating Officer. “Copia Scientific is poised to deliver excellence in every way and with plans for expansion moving forward we are well positioned to support scientists for many years to come as the industry leader.”

Copia Scientific will be guided by a mission to offer “Science Within Reach,” dedicated to providing affordable, practical, quality solutions for all types of research. Copia is staffed by a team of subject matter experts with broad experience in a wide range of scientific disciplines to support its customers.

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