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METTLER TOLEDO Celebrates Women in Science

METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce the launch of the Women in Science Interview Series in conjunction with LabX Media Group and the Scientista Foundation.


While women are as likely as men to major in the sciences as undergraduates, they remain underrepresented in the leadership of laboratories throughout the world. Countries like the United States, which is already struggling to remain competitive in an increasingly sophisticated global science scene, lose ground every time a woman chooses to put her scientific curiosity on hold and seek alternate careers.

To celebrate the accomplishments of women in science, and to inspire other women to follow in their footsteps, METTLER TOLEDO has partnered with The Scientista Foundation and LabX Media Group to conduct a series of six interviews with influential North American scientists to highlight their achievements and contributions, and to ask them what advice they have for the next generation of scientific pioneers.

Hosted by Elise Andrew, founder of Facebook's fastest growing science page "I F*cking Love Science," the interviews will air the second week of every month from April through September. The first interview, scheduled to be released officially on April 11 at will feature Dr. Elodie Ghedin.