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Microscopy Resource Guide

Everything you need to know about microscopy

One of the most common pieces of equipment in any lab, microscopes have many different styles and functions. Optical microscopes are a common tool found in almost all laboratories that illuminate and magnify a specimen. Optical microscopes offer ease of use but have limited resolving power. If a much higher resolution and greater depth of focus is required, then a scanning electron microscope (SEM) might be more useful. SEMs use a beam of focused high-energy electrons to produce information about the specimen, including morphology, chemical composition, and crystalline structure. 

Microscopy Resource Guide

In this eBook, you’ll learn about:

  • Questions to ask when buying a microscope
  • Optical microscopy: considerable life in centuries-old method
  • How SEM/EDS works and its applications in materials science
  • Microscopy in food development and testing
  • Super-Resolution microscopy
  • Enhancing material insights with dynamic imaging and sensor data

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