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Miniature Spectrometers and Accessories from Ocean Optics

Ocean Optics, inventors of the world’s first miniature spectrometer, introduces the latest additions to its portfolio of miniature photonics products.

by Ocean Optics

Ocean Optics, inventors of the world’s first miniature spectrometer, introduces the latest additions to its portfolio of miniature photonics products. Our small-footprint UV to NIR spectrometers are easily customized for thousands of absorbance, reflectance and emission applications. In addition, we offer fiber optic chemical sensors for pH and oxygen measurement and OEM spectrometers, sub-assemblies and components.


We’ve boosted our line of high-sensitivity spectrometers with the additions of the Maya2000 Pro-VIS-NIR and the QE65 Pro. The Maya2000 Pro-VIS-NIR is a back-thinned 2D FFT-CCD spectrometer with high sensitivity, 80% peak quantum efficiency and excellent response from ~400- 1100 nm. It’s ideal for Raman applications, analysis of gases used in semiconductor processing and measurement of biological samples in the life sciences.

The QE65 Pro is scientific-grade, thermoelectrically cooled spectrometer with high sensitivity and low stray light performance. In addition, the QE65 Pro has excellent spectrometer thermal wavelength stability, triggering functions and a replaceable slit for added convenience. An extensive range of gratings offers flexibility in optimizing applications such as modular Raman analysis, fluorescence and low light level measurements.

There’s more. Our line of NIRQuest NIR spectrometers has been expanded with the addition of models covering various ranges from ~800-2500 nm, with applications ranging from determination of moisture content and chemical composition to characterization of high-resolution lasers. Our Torus spectrometer is the only concave grating spectrometer available with a Toroidal grating design, which results in remarkable stray light performance and excellent thermal wavelength stability for a spectrometer of its size and price. Torus is especially handy for color measurement of LEDs and absorbance measurements up to 3.0 OD. And we’ve added UV response and improved sensitivity for the STS, a micro-spectrometer that packs great performance into a tiny footprint – it’s not much bigger than a matchbox – and is ideal for high-volume OEM applications.

Fiber Optic Chemical Sensors

Our line of optical oxygen and pH sensors are designed for accurate, real-time, in situ measurements in various media. The proprietary sensor coating materials do not consume the sample and can be applied to substrates such as probes, self-adhesive acrylic patches and microtiter wells. Coating options are available for general lab use, food processing lines and hydrocarbon-rich environments. Depending on the application, oxygen presence or pH can be determined by a fluorometer (oxygen or pH) or a spectrometer (pH).

Fiber Optic Accessories

Ocean Optics offers hundreds of optical fibers, light sources and sampling accessories to complement its line of miniature spectrometers. All accessories have SMA 905 terminations and easily couple to spectrometers and other accessories to meet most any application challenge.

Among are newest accessories are two light sources. BluLoop is a compact, LED-based source with balanced spectral output across the Visible (400-700 nm) range. When coupled to a miniature spectrometer, optical fibers and sampling accessories, BluLoop is ideal for color and reflectance measurements and general-purpose VIS-NIR spectroscopy. For applications requiring high-power NIR illumination, the Vivo Light Source comprises four tungsten halogen sources arranged for reflection measurements with a built-in fan to keep the unit operating optimally. Vivo is a good choice for analyzing samples with NIR response, such as pharmaceuticals and foods.