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Tackle the Serious Risks of Microbial Contamination 

 Implement robust quality control procedures to reduce risks for product integrity and safety 

Mitigate risk from start to finish with a robust microbiological quality control (QC) strategy 

Microbial contamination of pharmaceutical products poses serious risks for product integrity and safety, and manufacturers must implement robust QC procedures both in-process and as part of final release testing. It is imperative that microbiological QC testing is accurate and timely to ensure patient safety and prevent delays in product release. 

This infographic presents QC solutions for the following: 

  • Microbial enumeration - detect & quantify microorganisms, reduce the risks of secondary contamination 
  • Contamination detection - rapidly detect contamination by more than 95% of all known bacterial species
  • Sterility testing - use a closed loop system based on the membrane filter method
  • Air monitoring - early detection of mycoplasma DNA to ensure sufficient time to react and avoid significant losses 

Sartorius smart solutions are designed for efficiency and ease of use, and ensure safety and compliance in sampling, detection, and microbiological quantification processes.

Download the full infographic now for a range of smart solutions to overcome the challenges of microbiological QC, courtesy of Sartorius.

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