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Monitor the Growth of Epitheal Cells in Vitro Manually

The EVOM2 is the ideal meter for use when you are making manual TEER measurements on small batches of cell cultures and do not require a high throughput system.

by World Precision Instruments Inc.

For Small Batches of Cell Culture

Are you ready to perform experiments involving a cultured cell monolayer? If your monolayer has not reached confluence, you may have holes or gaps in the monolayer that would prevent collection of valid experimental data. When confluence is reached, the electrical resistance across the monolayer peaks and then plateaus. The EVOM2 meter was designed specifically for this application.

EVOM2 - Perfect for TEER

The EVOM2 was designed to measure TEER resistance without damaging the epithelial cells. It passes a constant current of low amperage through the membrane and reverses the polarity multiple times each second so that it does not leave a charge behind on either the electrodes or the membrane. It has an isolated power source to avoid adverse effects on tissue. The rechargeable battery powers the meter for up to 10 hours.

The EVOM2 includes a pair of STX2 “chopsticks” style electrodes. The meter passes a constant current signal between two current electrodes (I1 and I2) on the STX2 through the membrane. The companion voltage electrodes (V1 and V2) measure the voltage required to reach the current level and sends this information to the processor. The processor converts the reading to ohms and displays the signal on the digital meter.

A variety of electrodes are compatible with the EVOM2. When combined with WPI's Endohm chambers, the EVOM2 can also be used to perform higher accuracy measurements on lower resistance epithelia.

Clear choice for saving time and money

WPI’s EVOM was the first instrument for making TEER measurement, and the EVOM2 is still recognized as the worldwide standard for epithelial science. It is the meter of choice for making manual TEER measurements of epithelial cells in 6, 12, 24 and 96 well plates. By using the EVOM2:

  • Cells remain healthy, unaffected by the current, because no voltage offsets are created.
  • Resistance readings are unaffected by charge gradients across the membrane. By using alternating DC current, the meter does not impose any charges on the membrane.

The EVOM2 can measure both membrane potential and resistance of cultured epithelial cells, making it perfect for TEER measurement and monolayer confluence verification. Using the EVOM2, you can non-destructively determine when your cell monolayers are ready for experimentation.

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