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MP Biomedicals introduces the FastPrep-24 5G

Mechanical sample lysis is rapidly becoming the preferred sample preparation method in life science labs for the isolation of DNA, RNA, proteins, metabolites and other small molecules because the elimination of chemicals, enzymes, and detergents minimizes the introduction of potential inhibitors to downstream processes. The FastPrep-24 5G™ (Fig. 1) is the newest innovation in beat-beaters and produces the fastest lysis of even the most difficult samples.

by MP Biomedicals LLC

The most advanced sample preparation instrument yet!


The FastPrep-24 5G is a software controlled, standalone instrument, designed with a first-ofits-kind user-friendly touch screen interface as well as many unique and innovative features. The high-speed, benchtop reciprocating instrument is intended for the optimal lysis of challenging and routine sample types. It is intended for use in applications that require grinding, lysing or homogenization of various solid sample materials. Sample types include but are not limited to the following: all types of human, animal and plant tissues including cultured cells; bacterial, yeast and fungal cells, including spores and oocytes; and environmental and metagenomic samples including soil and fecal samples.


MP Bio, the leader in Sample Preparation, proudly introduces the newest member of the FastPrep Family of Sample Preparation Systems, The FastPrep-24 5G! The state of the art 5G system provides micro-processor control with a touch-screen user interface that gives you knowledge and power at your fingertips. Some of the new features include:

  • Powerful- Highest speed available, improves quality of analytes
  • Intuitive- Over 70 Recommended Programs, Just Pick and Start!
  • Flexible- Optional sample holders allow processing up to 50 ml size under ambient or cryogenic conditional
  • Complete- Lysing Matrix Tubes and Purification Kits from One Source
Fig 1, The FastPrep-24 5G™ Homogenizer System Fig 2, Touch screen displaying Recommended Programs by sample type
Fig 3, USB Port on rear panel

The heartbeat of the FastPrep-24 5G is the touch screen display with microprocessor control (fig 2). The display is a large, 7” diagonal HD monitor that is activated by a touch of the finger. The microprocessor controls the Graphical User Interface allowing the end-user to easily navigate through a choice of >70 MP Bio Recommended Programs, User-defined Saved Programs, or User-defined Custom Programs.

Recommended Programs are the heart of the 5G’s functionality. These validated programs include all variable assay parameters. This is a valuable optimization tool for new users and is of special interest to those who are working with pathogenic or dangerous samples, as well as low abundance samples.

The highest available power, and the unique optimized motion, lyses samples by the multidirectional, simultaneous impaction of specialized lysing matrix particles. The FastPrep-24 5G provides quick, efficient and highly reproducible homogenization, getting your DNA, RNA and proteins into the protective buffer faster, resulting in higher quality and yields!

The USB port allows users to upgrade software as they become available easily by simply connecting to a laptop or PC (fig 3). A custom FastPrep App uploads new software versions quickly to the instrument. The App also allows the option to download assay history from the 5G’s memory to the attached computer in the form of a CSV file. This feature is of critical importance in lab settings were run verification/ documentation is necessary.


The FastPrep-24 5G is a novel, ultra-high performance, sample preparation system that allows for the extraction of fully intact, biologically functional macromolecule from routine as well as highly resistant samples. Learn more at 

MP Biomedicals, LLC
3 Hutton Centre Drive, Santa Ana, CA 92707 USA