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MSP Brand FlowTubes™ for All Flow Cytometry Instruments

Made of crystal-clear polystyrene, these 12x75mm FlowTubes™ are designed and validated for flow cytometry instruments including FACS systems from BD Biosciences

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MSP brand FlowTubes™ MedSupply Partners' MSP brand FlowTubes.™ Credit: MedSupply PartnersThe diameter and wall thickness of the tube is held to very tight tolerances to ensure consistent pressure on any instrument. The MSP brand FlowTubes™ have the same inner ledge design as the BD tube. The high-quality polystyrene minimizes any cracking and provides for more reliable pressures. 

We have an optional cap with a 35µm nylon mesh screen. The strainer cap mesh is well secured, difficult to puncture and has a fast fluid flow through. This cap is primarily used to strain cell and debris aggregates out of samples for subsequent processing in flow cytometry instruments. This prevents an obstruction of flow cells, which is a costly and time-consuming event.

Our FlowTubes™ are available with the standard two-position culture cap, no cap at all, or with a cap that contains the nylon mesh screen.

For additional information on the complete range of flow tubes and caps, please visit or contact us at 1-877-633-7779 or

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