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New Generation Handheld Raman

From the evolution of handheld spectroscopy arrives Progeny™ - the first handheld Raman analyzer designed to be customizable for seamless integration into any work environment. Constructed for flexibility, this device adapts to evolving workflows, laboratory processes, and new personnel. Progeny raises the standard on what a portable Raman device should provide to lab managers, chemists, scientists, and other lab personnel needing fast and accurate materials analysis.

by Rigaku

Benchtop or Handheld: How about both?

Today’s laboratories are being built and redesigned to promote workflow efficiency and not constrain workers and their activities. Ideal for use in your laboratory and with a small footprint, Progeny provides dual operation as a mini-benchtop system (optional docking station) and/or a portable handheld analyzer at a price that is less than half of the average laboratory instrument.

Unlike current handheld devices on the market today, Progeny’s open architecture software and data security features adapt to your requirements and allow you to customize testing parameters to obtain the most accurate analysis of your specific materials and includes the ability to perform advanced quantitative assessment on-board the instrument. Other key benefits include:

  • 1064nm high power excitation laser optimizes speed and sensitivity of analysis, minimizes fluorescence interferences known to plague 785nm systems, providing you with the capacity to analyze the widest range of measurable materials when compared to other handhelds available today.
  • Patent-pending Wavelets Algorithm, Quad-core processor, InGaAs Detector, and new VPG™ provide the highest efficiency of spectral match speed and can handle the most demanding search and quantification algorithms with no need for desktop-remote work.

Contamination or cross-contamination concerns?

In today’s laboratory environments, contamination from materials, other lab equipment, and even people is inevitable. Fortunately, Progeny’s sealed aluminum body is IP-68 rated; total dust tight and protected against moisture. You can have peace of mind knowing that the instrument is not damaged by decontamination and that you are able to prevent potential cross-contamination when analyzing a variety of types of materials.

Modern User Interface

Inspired by modern smart-phone technology, Progeny’s user interface allows for a short learning curve for rapid implementation. Because of laboratory instrumentation advancements, researchers and technicians often spend more time than before in front of their computer screen. Progeny can be remotely operated by a PC or tablet via Bluetooth and wireless.

Ergonomically Correct

New and advanced ergonomics deliver comfort and ease of use with single-handed operation, large buttons and touch screen interface. When analyzing materials in confined spaces like barrels, your users can view the screen while the instrument is facing downward which reduces neck and shoulder strain and creates a more efficient work process.

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