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New Method Development Search Program for Gas Chromatographers

New NIST GC Retention Index (RI) Database Enables Gas Chromatographers to Quickly and Easily Search and Compare Compounds

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ChemSW, Inc. has just released a new NIST GC Retention Index (GC-RI) Database library and search program for GC Method Development that will be an essential tool for anyone performing gas chromatography (GC, GC/MS, GC/FTIR). The new program's gas phase Retention Index (RI) database contains the Kovats Indices (KI) for more than 293,000 citations (GC conditions, literature citations with titles, and RI values) for over 44,000 compounds on both non-polar and polar columns.

The new vendor-independent tool expedites method development. Not only can users search for RI data by compound name, partial name, formula, nominal molecular weight, CAS number, or structure, but also searches can be narrowed by column type, stationary phase type, or temperature conditions. Users can even constrain their search by "RI value range".

The NIST GC-RI Database and its accompanying search program provide retention index data and gas chromatographic conditions for 44,008 compounds on polar and non-polar stationary phase used with packed and open tubular columns.  The 293,247 citations (index values and GC methods) contain the complete bibliographical information and title of the original source research paper.  Details of the gas chromatographic method used to obtain the retention index are also provided.

For details about the NIST GC-RI Database and to order a copy, visit

Source: ChemSW