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New QIAGEN Multiplex PCR Plus Kit

Do you perform typing and analysis of transgenic organisms, amplification of microsatellites, detection of SNPs and mutations, or metagenomics studies? You can now simplify your PCR-based analyses with the new QIAGEN Multiplex PCR Plus Kit!

New QIAGEN Multiplex PCR Plus Kit

The QIAGEN Multiplex PCR Plus Kit is designed for easy and sensitive multiplex PCR without the need for optimization. The kit is based on proprietary multiplex PCR technology and delivers successful results at the first attempt, and with far greater speed and ease than ever before. The kit is provided in an easy-to-use master mix format. High specificity and sensitivity is ensured due to the unique composition of the master mix. The master mix contains an innovative buffer specially developed for multiplex PCR. The kit is also provided with Q-Solution, a unique additive that promotes amplification of difficult-to-amplify targets such as GC-rich regions or templates with a complex secondary structure. Handling convenience and visualization of DNA migration is ensured due to CoralLoad Dye — also provided with the kit.

  • Parallel amplification of different targets in a single tube
  • Rapid establishment of multiplex PCR assays, without optimization
  • Consistent and reliable results for advanced applications
  • Unmatched convenience and short reaction times

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