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New Recirculating Chillers from IKA

Maintaining a high performance level while achieving good energy efficiency is the focus of the new IKA RC 2 basic and RC 2 control recirculating chillers. Great emphasis has also been placed on safety features and intelligent functions.

by IKA

High Performance While Achieving Good Energy Efficiency

The RC 2 basic and control recirculating chillers are the first temperature control solutions designed for temperatures as low as -20°C. Delivering 400 watts of cooling power (at 20°C), the RC 2 can be used for various applications, including cooling rotary evaporators, calorimeters or small laboratory reactors from IKA. The devices offer an impressive level of energy efficiency (up to 60% lower energy consumption) and a temperature stability of up to ± 0.05 K. The performance of the RC 2 is sufficient to cool other small-scale distillation and extraction equipment.

A great deal of emphasis has been placed on the ability of the RC 2 recirculating chillers to conserve resources during operation. This is a particularly important feature for chillers that are often used in continuous operation over several hours. The RC 2 chillers save up to 60,000 liters of water a year compared to a cooling operation using mains water: The IKA RV 10 control auto rotary evaporator—with a flow rate of 50 l/h at the chiller—requires 300 liters of water a day. Over a period of 200 working days, this amounts to 60,000 liters a year.

The sophisticated design of the devices makes them safe and secure to handle. The castors recessed in the base plate make it easy to position the device in the laboratory, as well as the recessed handles in the housing increase the transportation options for the devices, which weigh just under 30 kg. The fill level is automatically detected. If too high or too low, the device provides the user with an audible and visual warning. The "control" devices also feature an integrated, removable remote control, ensuring the devices are easy to operate and monitor from a distance, even in hard-to-reach places.

All of the RC 2 recirculating chillers feature USB and RS232 interfaces that allow them to be controlled using software (e.g. labworldsoft®). Users can also update the device firmware using the Firmware Update Tool, ensuring they benefit from software enhancements.

The method of operating the devices follows proven principles: The devices are simple to operate via the two rotary pushbuttons, which are coupled with an easy-to-read display in the "control" devices so that all the relevant parameters are visible at a glance.

The temperature of the cooling fluid is controlled to an accuracy of ± 0.05 K. There is also the scope to connect a PT 100 temperature sensor to RC 2 control devices to provide more accurate control to the external medium temperature.

In accordance with the IKA product policy, all models are available as a basic and control version. Even the basic version offers more than most temperature control instruments available in this design. Both devices use an infinitely adjustable PEEK pressure and suction pump (up to 0.3 bar/15 l/min), which enables universal use for internal and external temperature control tasks in open and closed containers. The automatic fill level monitoring function ensures that all of the devices are safe to use. In addition to the unique wireless controller, the control versions also provide space for ten programs that allow individual procedures to be carried out. All of the devices in the IKA temperature control instrument series meet the toughest demands when it comes to safety, performance and intelligence.
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