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New TR-7 Temperature, Humidity Data Loggers

The next generation of T&D wireless data loggers

by CAS DataLoggers
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The new TR-7wb Series Temperature/Humidity Data Loggers represent the next generation of full featured, compact temperature and humidity data loggers. While keeping
all of the features of the original TR-7wf Series, the TR-7wb Series add support for Bluetooth 4.2 (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology to improve accessibility with smartphones. Using Bluetooth along with the TandD Thermo mobile application allows set-up, monitoring and data retrieval using an iOS or Android device.

This dedicated mobile app, has been redesigned with a new look and easier to use interface to simplify operation. It also provides access to the free cloud-based T&D WebStorage Service, allowing access to data anytime, anywhere.

Key features:
• Automatic Data Upload to Cloud via Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11b/g/n)
• Setup and Data Collection from Mobile Devices via Bluetooth 4.2
• Setup and Data Collection from PC via USB 2.0
• Warning Notification by Email or Display on Mobile App
• Internal Data Storage for 8,000 Data Sets
• User Selectable Recording and Upload Rate
• Battery or External Power
• LCD, Start/Stop and Control Buttons

The TR-7wb loggers are ideal for applications that require a compact, easy to use unit that can be accessed from a mobile device and allows data to be streamed to a cloud based system for on-line monitoring and data storage. They are perfect for refrigerator and freezer monitoring, environmental monitoring in labs, offices, greenhouses, warehouses and storage areas or for equipment monitoring.