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New Yellow Fever Virus Monoclonal Antibodies

ViroStat has released a new set of monoclonal antibodies to the NS1 protein of the virus

by ViroStat
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Yellow Fever Virus Monoclonal AntibodiesYellow Fever Virus is a member of the Flaviviruses that is transmitted to humans via infected mosquitos. Infection with this virus occurs in tropical areas including Africa and South America.

Typical symptoms include chills, fever, nausea, and muscle pain with improvement usually seen in 5 days. However, fever can return in some and lead to liver damage as evidenced by yellowing skin. Vaccine is available for travelers to endemic areas.

ViroStat has just released a new set of monoclonal antibodies to the NS1 protein of the virus. This protein appears early during the infection in serum of those infected. These antibodies do not cross react with related Flaviviruses. ELISA pairing recommendations can be found on the data sheet which can be downloaded from the website,

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Contact ViroStat at 207-856-6620 for additional information or download the data sheet at:

ViroStat, Inc. is a primary manufacturer of infectious disease antigens and antibodies, supplying researchers and manufacturers since 1985. Specialties include high affinity antibodies to Flu A, Flu B, RSV, & Strep A for use in rapid lateral flow devices as well as antibodies to foodborne pathogens and toxins. Also, many specificities to HCV, HBV, CMV, & EBV for use in anti-viral HTS assays