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Non-Invasive Analysis Using Benchtop TD-NMR

The Minispec MQ Series offers the most comprehensive range of measurement frequencies available today in a benchtop TD-NMR system

by Analytik
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Analytik Ltd. has launched a range of benchtop time-domain nuclear magnetic resonance (TD-NMR) systems.

Bruker's Minispec MQ SeriesBruker's Minispec MQ Series, now offered through supplier Analytik Ltd. Credit: Analytik Ltd.Applications that yield valuable data using TD-NMR include solid fat content and oil seed analysis in the food industry, obesity research and MRI contrast agents in the medical / pharmaceutical industry, and a growing number of measurements in the chemical and polymer sectors.

The Minispec MQ Series offers the most comprehensive range of measurement frequencies available today in a benchtop TD-NMR system. With frequency options ranging from 7.5 MHz for samples with large diameters, through to the unparalleled MQ60 with 60 MHz operating frequency—an optimized Minispec MQ system is available for most low-resolution NMR applications. Combining proven TD-NMR technology with fast magnet warm-up and precise digital temperature regulation the Minispec MQ routinely delivers high stability, unmatched performance, and the benefits of zero maintenance. If your analytical challenges change, a wide range of upgrade features, like tool-free exchangeable probes, variable temperature NMR probes, and pulsed field gradient systems safeguard your initial investment.

In addition to the versatile Minispec MQ, a growing range of application optimized Minispec TD-NMR systems are also available. Examination of living mice, rats, and small animals using Minispec LF series TD-NMR systems has set a new standard for longitudinal studies that aim to study changes in fat tissue, lean tissue, and free fluid composition over time. Beneficially, the instrument is proven to provide fast, non-invasive measurements with reduced animal stress.

The Minispec MQ-one series of TD-NMR analyzers have been developed to provide off-the-shelf solutions for a growing range of routine quality control applications including: Solid Fat Content analysis (SFC), oil seed analysis, spin finish analysis, and polymer analysis. These dedicated applications analyzers are simple to install (operational within 30 seconds); have easy-to-use traceable, multi-language software; and come with calibration transfer standards.

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